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Large Cheese Plate for your Wedding

Reception Appetizer Options and Food Tray Add-Ons

13 inch trays (feeds 25-30 people) for $75 or
15 inch trays (feeds 50-75 people) for $150

  • Fresh Veggie Tray - A harvest of fresh, crisp garden vegetables with our delicious ranch dip.
  • Fresh Fruit Tray - A bountiful array of seasonal fruit is the perfect centerpiece for any morning, afternoon, or evening event. (Fruits may vary by season).
  • Fruit and Cheese Delight - Rich, tasty cheddar, havarti and domestic swiss cheese with cool, refreshing strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and pineapple. (Fruits may vary by season).
  • Deviled Eggs, Bean Dip and Salsa Tray - Refried beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chili peppers, green onions, tomatoes, olives and a bowl of salsa.
  • Pinwheel Sandwiches - Soft Lavish flat bread layered with cream cheese, baked ham, premium turkey breast, Provolone, tomato, and green leaf lettuce, rolled up and sliced, yielding a colorful spiral of flavor.
  • Ham Pinwheels - Ham Pinwheels with Mustard-Herbed Cream Cheese.
  • Spicy Chicken Taquitos with Salsa
  • Puff Pastry Pastel - Puff Pastry Pastel filled with Chicken, Meats or Vegetables.
  • Fried Bananas
  • Meat balls - Swedish, BBQ or Sweet and sour.
  • Roasted Red Potatoes stuffed with Turkey Salad
  • Croissant Sandwiches - Flaky, light, and buttery croissants layered with baked ham, roast beef, or premium smoked turkey breast, and American cheese; garnished with leaf lettuce, olives and sweet pickles.
  • Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella on Crostini
  • Celery Stuffed with Bleu Cheese & Walnuts
  • Salami Coronets with Cheddar Cheese - Salami Coronets with Cheddar Cheese.
  • Brazilian Sausage in Puff Pastry - Brazilian Sausage in Puff Pastry with Spicy Mustard.
  • Stuffed Dates - Stuffed Dates with Gorgonzola accompanied by Honey Lime Sauce.
  • Chicken Piccata - Chicken Piccata Chunks with Lemon Sauce.
  • Miniature Egg Rolls - Miniature Egg Rolls with Mustard and sweet and sour sauce.

Price $75.00 or $150.00