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Viva Las Vegas Weddings Client Praises

What better way to tell you about Viva Las Vegas Weddings than to hear it directly from our past wedding couples. Thanks to all of our Las Vegas wedding couples for providing such kind and loving words. If you want to send us a letter, email, comment or general feedback, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out our contact form, tell us your story and we might add it here.

  • What a wonderful experience! Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel created memories we will cherish for as long as now until death do us part. Reverend Elvis (disco Elvis - you can ask for a different era) was fun, timely, helpful and just generally fabulous! Our expectations were already pretty high. VLV took care of every detail from start of the booking to the final pictures. What a value. All my friends and family are quite jealous, not just in part because their prices are quite reasonable. If you are looking for a fun, fabulous good time of a weeding with friends and family or just the two of you, definitely check out Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

    Alex and Michelle
  • I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful vow renewal. The flowers were stunning, Alice Cooper was on point, and the photographer was friendly and took amazing shots. The driver was also very nice and helpful. When Alice came up on stage it instantly took me back to my first Cooper show. Viva went beyond to make our day fun. We all had so much fun and it was better than I imagined and I already had high expectations.

    Again thank you for a great time and memories that will last a lifetime!

    Rachel and Garry, July 7th
  • Dear Shannon, Olivia, Blaze, Christian, Danielle, "Grim Reaper," "Zombie Elvis," Millie and Roger (photographers), the florists, both limo drivers, and everyone else who helped with our wedding on November 20,

    I am just writing to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a wonderful wedding experience. We got married on November 20 at 6 pm with the Grim Reaper as officiant and Zombie Elvis as our soloist and Pink Cadillac Driver. EVERYTHING was just fantastic -- we so appreciate the personal touches that were put into every level of service, and I can honestly say that while our wedding was personal and special to us, it was also the best show in town :) Each member of the team deserves a separate set of accolades for giving us one of the most memorable experiences of our lives:

    The Grim Reaper and Zombie Elvis infused our ceremony with their infinite talents and excellent showmanship, and we were treated to a unique and meaningful artistic expression that we will remember forever -- I haven't smiled or laughed so much in years, and that is a great and amazing thing to have happen, especially during your own wedding :)

    The entire night was expertly captured by Millie and Roger, the two wonderful photographers we had the pleasure of working with -- the pictures are wonderful, and accurately represent the night we remember so fondly!

    Olivia was fantastic to work with -- she was so friendly, and was in constant communication with me prior to the day of the ceremony, patiently accommodating my infinite add-on requests!

    Danielle did an amazing job with my gothic-meets-traditional hair and make-up, she made me look younger and more beautiful than I really am, and created a look that was simultaneously "Bride" and "Morticia Addams," which was exactly what I wanted :)

    I couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator in Blaze -- not only did he do a perfect job decorating the chapel for our Gothic-themed wedding, but his make-up work on Zombie Elvis was outstanding; from the organization to the live-streaming tips, he had a huge positive impact on the overall positive experience we had, and he even gave us great recommendations of places to visit in town (we went to some, and will be visiting others when we return)!

    The Black Magic rose bouquet and boutonniere were stunning, and just what I was picturing in my head -- they couldn't have been better!

    Christian managed our mini-reception beautifully -- the cake was actually really good (not a guarantee for weddings), and he gave us both a beautiful set-up and the time to enjoy our post-ceremony experience!

    Both of the limo drivers were great to talk to and graciously accommodating of our schedule and requests before and after the ceremony and photo tour, which was very much appreciated :)

    Shannon expertly handled our initial online booking, getting our wedding time and date confirmed quickly and getting us in touch with the right people on-site to give us the best possible experience!

    In short, we couldn't have asked for a better day (or night) -- every single person clearly worked hard to hit it out of the park for us, and we cannot wait to come back and do this again, just because it was so much fun. So, truly, thank you. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to seeing you all soon at a vow renewal so we can be treated to another fantastic show.

    Jennifer and Chris Thayer, November 20th
  • Dear Ron,

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great time we had at Viva Las Vegas Chapel! Everybody that we had contact with that works for you was wonderful and the minister and photographer really made the ceremony and photos a lot of fun. They were especially great!!

    Even though your website is really comprehensive and covers just about everything you could think of, I still had a little concern about having a "cheesy Vegas wedding". How wrong I was to have those reservations- The flowers were perfect, the chapel is really pretty and our traditional ceremony was just beautiful. We loved every minute of it - all seven of them!! If we had written the ceremony ourselves, we couldn't have been happier.

    Our room was nice and we were very pleased with the whole experience. We will definitely refer anybody we know that wants to have a great time and a wonderful wedding to you guys. Our only regret was not doing the live web cast so that our friends and family could view the wedding but we do have our video and CD to share with them. We have received our proofs and they turned out great so now we just have to narrow down the choices and place our order!

    Thank you for a wonderful experience and for the great service from all of you, Start to finish...A+

    April 24 Viva Las Vegas Wedding's Main Chapel @ 2:30
  • Hi Shannon,

    Just a few words to tell you how much we enjoyed our wedding at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

    Everything was perfect, the limo, the driver (Mike, very kind) the reverend who take the time to listen to us and explain how the wedding will be, the wedding coordinator, the photographer, Maria, the chapel, everything...

    We finally celebrate the ceremony inside (the evening was cold and windy) but anyway, it was beautiful. The ceremony was short and easy to understand, our friend has been surprised by our wedding, they was certainly thinking that it will be cheap and not elegant but it wasn't... It was nice and emotional, and funny too. All that we have dreamed about. The pictures, the DVD are really beautiful, we're glad to keep all these precious memories.

    The dress and tuxes we rent for me, my hubby and our guests was awesome : thank you for the advice, it was exactly what we need. And especially my dress, that seemed like just made for me, it couldn't be better. The woman at Rent a Dress call a hairdresser for me, he came to my hotel to take care of my bride up do and make up, for me and my friend. It was such a good time for us, we was like 2 princesses ;-)

    So, thanks for all, to all the team, a great thank you !!! from France.

    I hope we'll be back in 10 years to renew our vows ;-)

    Sandra and Franck
  • Hello Jamie & Brian,

    I have requested from Vickie Clock to have both of your contact emails, so I can share with you the most wonderful wedding experience of my life....

    In choosing my location, I looked on line for 4 weeks morning noon and night checking out all the places to wed in Vegas, and as you know, there are hundreds out there! When I came to you, and saw the Garden at night, it was perfect & I made my choice.

    I had the privilege to work with these wonderful ladies from start to finish: Vickie Clock, Dianne Compton and Kayli Szczepankiewicz, each of these ladies took me under their wing and answered every one of my many many questions and assisted me in my many changes, additions and offered me the most valuable advice in making my wedding special. Thank you so much ladies for being there for me!

    As the time drew near and we are on the day of, the little gal that arrived at my hotel room to do my hair, I believe her name was Nani or Nana - please find out so you can tell her great job! She and I got along so well and she arrived with the most outgoing happy wonderful attitude and made me feel so calm and happy, she took care of everything, she also listened to me and what I wanted for my hair, and I appreciated that so much! We were cutting it close, and I was starting to panic, but that young lady, told me that nothing was going to ruin my day and that if that limo driver takes off, (and he didn't by the way) she would get me and my girls to the chapel and on time! WOW, she is one stellar lady that girl! My hair was beautiful and lasted the next day too, which was awesome!!!

    Our limo driver, put me ease once we got to the entrance of the hotel and he was standing there, with a big smile telling me, not to worry, he would never leave a bride on her wedding day! loved that! When we arrived to the location, we were greeted and taken to the lovely Elvis room where we were able to get ready, and it was a blessing, thank you! The lovely gal that assisted us and walked me through everything, I didn't catch her name, cute blonde with accent, maybe Australian - thank you to her too!

    Then the time came and it was go time, everyone of my guest were seated and had such smiles I could see them as I walked up, Rev Rob, wow, such a good choice, I am so happy with his guidance and the valuable words he spoke to my husband Ted & I and the prayer - awesome! As the ending came and we were to leave after the photos, thanks for that Kalin. All of guests gathered around us and said, that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding ceremony and location and the staff was so kind - this went on and on all evening trust me, they are still talking about our ceremony to date.

    I wanted to thank you and offer you to use any of our wedding photos for any of your advertising and this letter, because you and your staff made our wedding the most memorable and beautiful experience of our lives, we thank you all so much for everything you did for us and how special you made this for me, I am so elated and grateful to all of you!

    With Love, Antoinette Blaulr
  • Got married on Friday July 13th at noon by The King: amazing experience, great staff from the wedding chapel and a special thank to Diana, our extraordinary Limo driver!!! Thx for making our "Special Day" a more than unique one!!!

    Cheers from Italy from Sonia and Pier
  • Muchas gracias!!!!! Su motivacion nos dejo mucho inspirados!!!! A nosotros nos gusto mutíssimo tener le conocido. Usted represento muchisimo bien nuestra FAMILIA!!!

    Cuando quieras, el Rio de Janeiro estará de brazos abiertos para ti!!!

    Abrazos, Conrado y Glau
  • Hello Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

    I just wanted to THANK YOU for our amazing wedding!! I was a little scared something would go wrong with it being 11-11-11, but you all proved me wrong! We had such a good time!

    Your staff was amazing! Diane the driver treated us so good and was so sweet! She deserves a big pat on the back for her attitude! AMAZING WOMAN. Your staff that greeted us were simply sweet and amazing! They also treated us so good! Then there's ROLAND!! WOW!!!! What a great ELVIS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ROLAND for a great time!!

    Viva Las Vegas, you all ROCK!! Your the best!!! With much appreciation and love.

    Doug and Jen Fernandez
  • We just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for everything you all did to make our wedding the most wonderful, incredible time ever!!  Elvis was absolutely fantastic, all of the staff were sweet and helpful and friendly and professional and made us feel special and exciting.  We felt like the headliners of the biggest and best show in Vegas!   I never thought I’d be the kind of person to send “fan mail” to a commercial establishment, but you really deserve it.  The biggest day in my life was even more special because of all of the little extras and the beauty and fun your chapel exudes.  I was a princess for a day, and my Prince Charming shared an exciting only-in-Vegas spotlight with me to start our lives together as a married couple forever.  The DVD is fantastic!!  That means a lot to us and will be a cherished keepsake for us (and our family and friends).  Thank you!

    Adrienne H. Wyker and Jamie Boring
  • Hello Everyone,

    Now we are back in France as a married couple, we would like to thank everyone at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for making our wedding so special. Though we arrived late for our wedding, your staff did everything to make things run smoothly. The wedding was really memorable, and Ron, our Elvis, was fantastic, making the ceremony important for us.

    Luc, who cannot speak much English, really appreciated how 'Elvis' helped by taking time to say everything, and helping with some French. And what a wonderful surprise it was seeing our names lit up on your marquee!! Also your live internet screening is great, our families in France and England were able to watch live, and those who didn't stay up all night to do that saw it on the internet archives.

    Thanking you all again, we recommend your chapel to all couples wanting a really special wedding.

    Merci, merci beacoup,
    Mary and Luc Andre
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