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  • The packages were awesome. We did the package were we flew through the Grand Canyon after we got married. Everyone there was so nice. I would recommend the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel to anyone looking to get married in Vegas or renew their vows. They made our wedding a day we will never forget.

    Mindy Juneau
  • It will be our 5 year anniversary in September!!!

    We had a big wedding planned at a big hotel I had over 30 friends and family coming out and we had a wedding party if 12 including my 3 year old. The Tuesday before I was going to fly out the hotel called saying due to a big event their vendors were unable to deliver to the hotel and they highly recommend canceling or rescheduling our wedding. I was a mess! We had family literally flying in for the night night of the wedding and flying out the next morning.

    My mom and I started calling every little chapel and hotel to rectify what I had been planning for over a year!Your staff was amazing and went above and beyond to make sure I got the special day I had planned elsewhere. I am so glad that it worked out the way it did, your minister was great and I loved our ceremony! Can't wait to go back in 5 years for a renewal!!!

    Erin Courtney DeRoma
  • Why did I book with Viva Las Vegas is simple to answer.

    Because Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels was top rated and still are. Also because I felt comfortable with them, they take the time to explain everything in detail. They work very close with what you want and because they would bring the best to our special day with the upmost respect and enthusiasm.

    This is the only Chapel in Las Vegas I would recommend to anyone who is getting married or renewing vows.

    Nina Keehn
  • What first attracted us was their fun, themed weddings. What truly set them apart for us, was that they knew what a chuppah (Jewish bridal canopy) was. Other wedding vendors had no idea what we were talking about. Their attention to detail is exceptional. Weddings are not cookie cutter. Every wedding is custom made for every couple. The prices are very affordable & the one stop shopping (flowers, limo, photography) makes planning a wedding so much easier.

    Sue Nadel
  • Coming up on our 10 year anniversary, this October. We were married at Viva Las Vegas Chapel of Love 10/19/2007. We chose VLVCL because they had a great Elvis wedding package.They have excellent customer service and took care of everything, flowers, limo, music, etc. They made sure our day was so easy and special! It was even simulcast on the web so all our family and friends were able to share our special day!

    Brenda Schrupp Langanki
  • We found out the chapel we booked originally was seriously homophobic. We canceled our wedding there and found so many more options, better options and queer-positivity at Viva Las Vegas. We were proud to be wed here, all of our guests felt welcome, it was a day of fun and togetherness. 10/10

    Michelle Carnes
  • The LOVELY Miss. Marilyn Monroe of course! Lol! I am a HUGE Marilyn lover and my husband wanted to surprise me and renew our vows while on our trip to Vegas for my Birthday. He said he called a few different places but as soon as he called you guys he knew you were the right place! Everyone was SO kind and helpful! From the minute our limo pulled up to the time it dropped us off I felt like I was in a dream! Everyone/Everything was perfect and being married by Marilyn was amazing but then when she sang Happy Birthday to me... AMAZING!!! I highly recommend Viva Las Vegas!

    Erin Dennis Storm
  • We booked at Viva Las Vegas because we Googled "gay friendly wedding chapels in Vegas" and it was the first one on the list, and it was affordable. Best decision ever.

    Thank you all for making our day so memorable!

    Kimberly Lorona
  • We booked with Viva Las Vegas because they had such a large variety of choices for wedding packages with a great price point. The staff was very friendly and professional.

    Jaci Ott
  • Because I was stunned when I began looking around to price Elvis weddings and discovered on website after website that evrn though it is legal most wedding chapels refused to do same sex marriages. This would not have been a problem for my wedding, but as a mother of a transgender gay boy I am not going to spend money on a company that hates. I then searched for gay friendly wedding chapels in Vegas and this one was at the top of the list. Thank you for not being a bunch of idiots.

    Elizabeth Moon
  • We were married there March 17, 2003! I had been married before, hubby hadn't been, but didn't want a big ceremony. He wanted to be "that guy" who has a Vegas wedding. We looked at the packages available at Viva Las Vegas, but chose a traditional wedding ceremony. The honeymoon suite also drew us in, gorgeous suite! Everyone was so helpful, from telling us where to go to get our marriage certificate, to helping me choose my wedding bouquet.

    Shelly Van Gundy Hancock
  • I loved the classic idea of Vegas where we met...and my mans sideburns! haha Plus I didnt want to spend a bazillion dollars on a wedding!! It was fun MJ Radiodiva X1075

    Nicole Peters
  • Our wedding was great and fun. I have loved Elvis since I was a little girl and it was so much fun getting married with Elvis we plan on renewing in 10 years. You made our wedding very special thank you so much.

    Teresa Cox
  • Because we heard good things. All of which were surpassed! Flipping' awesome!

    TJ Jones
  • We wanted to renew our vows for our 25th wedding anniversary inan Elvis fashion in the city we honeymooned in. Loved it. Friendly, helpful, fun!

    Dana Jerry Everett
  • Pick Cadillac driven by Elvis.
    Great options
    Great packages
    They arranged everything
    They put up with me!

    Meghan Jones
  • They made our whole wedding a great, easy planning , fun event! Would do it all over again. 😎😄

    Ashleigh Vasquez-Cool
  • Looking to book for October to renew our wedding vows looking forward to it look to have the best package around.

    Amanda Jane Waller
  • We loved booking with you guys! I was so tired of looking at over-priced venues that price gouged for every minor detail. We're a low maintenance couple and loved your One Stop Shop options. Beautiful gazebo option! So glad we found you for our wedding 5 years ago!

    Audrey Molina Watts
  • Tom Jones, Elvis and a pink Cadillac. Destination wedding. Simple, fun and easy!!

    Tiffani Sunstone Soutra
  • We got married by their "Elvira" best day ever! Amazing ceremony, awesome staff! 7 years later still going strong!

    Hiedi Musselman
  • I answered in the survey. Here is some elaboration. We decided on doing an Elvis Las Vegas wedding ceremony. I agreed on the condition I could find a nice chapel for it. I did a lot of searching passing on a lot of very tacky looking chapels then the skies parted and I discovered The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. It was perfect. The chapel looked nice, name in lights was a very nice bonus, Elvis dressed the style we preferred. It was all perfect. We did it and it all went great!

    Georges Lefevre
  • Our story is actually a blessed one. We were planning our wedding in California where we reside. My husband was in a car accident and between all the chaos and the fact he was going to need surgery and couldn't work for the time being we were going to cancel our wedding. A lady on a local Facebook group was gifting her wedding at Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. She chose us. We decided to get married on November 1st 2015 as it was our 5 year anniversary. We got married with close friends and family that came and our two children. It was beautiful. And just in time my husband had surgery 2 weeks later.

    Alyssa Ashlee Nicastro
  • It was a second marriage for both of us. The first time, I had been married by a Catholic priest, a Presbyterian minister and a Unitarian minister. It didn't work out so I figured Elvis was the way to go. I was right and we're a very happy couple. We do a vow renewal at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel every five years with a different Elvis. Fifteen is coming up in 2019. I want the Hawaiian Elvis.

    Laurie Snyder Cipollini
  • We booked with Viva Las Vegas for the awesome package prices, and the fact that we could stream our wedding for our friends all over the country. It gave us the big wedding feel without the cost of one. Thank you so much Viva Las Vegas!!

    Megan Hope Gibson Married 5/30/15
  • Where else can you have a pink cadaillic entrance and get married by Marlin Monore and be entertained on your wedding day! My family and friends still talk about how awesome it was! Thanks Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! You guys Married us on 6/15/12! It was amazing!!!

    Cynthia Adkins Haggitt
  • we wanted a BIKER wedding, and Las Vegas was the very first trip we took together for BikeFest in 2011, so why not a wedding during BikeFest in 2012! You guys rock, and made it so easy to plan a wedding in just 7 weeks time!

    Barbara A. Mecchi-Knoll
  • We really wanted a themed wedding. We decided to get married on 06/06/06 and although we didn't do the theme wedding we still had a blast and would do it all over again. We are even thinking of doing a vow renewal, this time with a theme.

    Jo Rosenberry
  • They made everything easy and stress free. We live in Kansas and the pre planning was so smooth, hop on a plane and get hitched its that easy. We will be back to renew for sure!

    Jason Weber
  • We were one of the 777 weddings and in a whim decided to get married in Vegas. The prices were reasonable but honestly we were still looking for a pretty setting and most of the wedding chapels looked very run down or too cheesy or had very bad reviews. I went through a bunch of the galleries you had and fell in love with the outdoor gazebo. It was exactly what we were looking for plain and simple.

    Ilse Lipke
  • 5 years ago next month, we booked it because it was clean and could hold all our guests! Staff was friendly & professional. I wouldn't change a thing, loved the packages and would recommend to any couple getting married in Vegas.

    Andrea Ann
  • We liked the packages, the web broadcast, the pictures and the prices. It was the perfect day. We didn't want to go into debt getting married and we didn't. We chose the Elvis blue Hawaii package and it was fun. I would go back for a renewal of vows.

    Tana Bettridge Chacon
  • You guys gave us a wonderful reason to fly our wedding party into Vegas,..Alice Cooper Wedding!! What a GREAT time!! Only kick I could recall,...he wore sneaks. Alice would NEVER. But, MAN you guys were great!!

    Bill Hollis
  • Packages were very affordable and you pretty much have it all. We were married there almost 14 years ago and we had the best time of our lives ! Elvis rocks!

    Cheryl Kominsky Cormier
  • Packages were very affordable and you pretty much have it all. We were married there almost 14 years ago and we had the best time of our lives ! Elvis rocks!

    Cheryl Kominsky Cormier
  • They had Michael Jackson and a great price!!! The package took away all the stress of planning a wedding but I could still have everything to my specifications. It was perfect!!!

    Ashly Martinez
  • Oct 13th 2006. It was Friday the 13th. Both married before. The Gothic wedding was a no-brainer for us as we love Halloween and are owners of a haunted attraction. Staff was perfect! Everything was perfect!! It even rained that night. Rain? In Vegas? It was Friday the 13th after all. We ended pur trip with VIP to Bite at the Stratosphere. The only mistake we made was not ordering our wedding photos in time. We just have the proofs.

    Melissa Decker Schultz
  • Because we wanted a Halloween themed wedding and on October 13th 2007 we got exactly what we wanted and were married by Count Dacula... 32 people followed us out to Vegas that day.. it was perfect.

    Samantha Hagen-Avery
  • Why did bz. We love ❤️ vegas and Vegas chapel was the best place the limo was out of this word and Elvis 🕺 was amazing 😉 I dance with him more than my husband lol 😂 we go back to Vegas every year can't wait to visit the Vegas chapel ❤

    Jacqueline J Ruggerio
  • Also the online viewing. My father couldn't travel, this was the best way for him to be a part of it.

    Amoreena Kissel Knabb
  • Elvis. He was the best! Great wedding packages. Made planning online so easy, and that was almost 16 years ago!

    Debbi Hasher Baravik
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