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  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    I got married at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 2 weeks ago today. We bought the Pink Caddy Package, with some extras, such as silk flowers, an extra song, and live streaming/archive. Let me tell you, it was totally worth every penny of what we paid.

    The wedding coordinators were very helpful, even when I changed my mind a couple of times. And we were told to contact them when we checked in, and did a phone run through of the direction timing for the ceremony. They sent me a wedding invitation email for me to forward to friends and family, complete with the time, and the link for the website to watch the wedding if they couldn't make it.

    The blog they provide is really fun. They give you some suggestions, but you can make it whatever you want. I noticed a lot of people didn't fill it out, but we did, and our friends were directed there so they could see what happened during our relationship.

    The limo driver contacted us for our time, and even though she got there early, she texted us, saying she was downstairs, but to take our time. And she maneuvered through the traffic like a true professional.

    The chapel was very clean and at a comfortable temperature. The staff was friendly, professional, and well organized. Any questions we had were answered. The decor was beautiful, even though that didn't matter to us. They even did a walk through of the ceremony, so we'd know what to expect. I'd seen some of the chapel's weddings on You Tube, and they were very tasteful, thoughtful and sentimental, and yet had a real Elvis humor vibe to them. Ours was no exception.

    Elvis asked us how we met, and incorporated that tidbit into the ceremony. Because I was totally decked out in Elvis regalia, I felt like Elvis wanted to make ours a fun wedding, which he did, and he turned it into my dream wedding. Goodness, we even wore Elvis sunglasses, and he didn't make us take them off during the ceremony. A few jokes were made, which I thought were appropriate and tasteful, considering what craziness we'd accomplished.

    Our Elvis was probably the one I would have picked if we were allowed to choose. He was funny, caring, attentive, thoughtful, and even tried to get my new husband to dance like him, but no way was that happening. And boy can that man sing! If I didn't know better, I'd swear Elvis was alive and well, and living in Las Vegas. The photographer was excellent, not getting in the way of the ceremony, and yet capturing every important moment during the ceremony (aka candid shots). And the closed, posed session was superb, just like formal weddings I've been to. Getting pictures of Elvis with his lip curled (I tried, but couldn't do it) was priceless. One of my friends back home watched the live stream of the event, and she said it was a flawless feed.

    All in all, it was very professionally handled. If you decide to get married on a whim, fly to Vegas and contact the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for a fun and yet sentimental wedding.

    It was the wedding I'd always dreamed of. Thank you, thank you very much!

    Bill and Linda United States of America
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    We got wed at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the best choice we could make. 2 days before we walked along all chapels and this one was perfect. We came especially from the Netherlands to have our wedding in Vegas. Not only the people at the chapel were super kind to us, also the rest of the day we spent on the Strip was great.

    All Americans were super friendly and took lots of photographs of the two of us, we felt special. In Mexico we met American en British people with witch we partied for one week. Our wedding went as planned and if you want to get married in Vegas there's no other choice than the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

    Greetz from the Netherlands

    Arno and Lisz Netherlands
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    One word for this place, EPIC!

    My (now) wife and I have been together ten years (to which Elvis said "well we really don't need to be here then do we" and laughed) but finally decided to legally tie the knot. We are not traditional and wanted to do something fun. An Elvis wedding was right up our alley. After doing some research on Elvis chapels we decided on Viva Las Vegas and jumped online to book.

    From start to finish, VLV made the process easy. We worked with Olivia online who went over various options and made sure we had everything we needed. We went for the "Visions from the King" package. I can neither confirm nor deny that this package was chosen due to the Elvis glasses I received, especially deny.

    Once arriving in Las Vegas we contacted VLV to provide hotel information. Our limo driver contacted us the morning of to provide our pickup time, and was not only on time, but early. The limo was nice, had complimentary water, and the driver was a good sport with our 3yo daughter who decided that this hour window of time was the best to have an epic meltdown (more on that later). All the staff at the chapel were amazingly accommodating, and also understanding of said 3yo's nuclear meltdown.

    As awesome as Elvis was for us, once he arrived my daughter turned into an animal. This continued for the duration of the ceremony. This didn't stop the rest of our party, or the staff with VLV from having a good time. Our photographer did his best to get good shots, Elvis kept the singing and positive energy flowing, couldn't have had such an event at a "traditional" wedding and continued.

    All in all, hindsight being 20/20, we would have probably had the ceremony first thing in the morning to avoid being anywhere within a few hours of nap time, we would have went back into the hotel for our 3yo's "blankie" which would have diffused the situation, but absolutely no changes would have been made from the VLV perspective. These guys are AMAZING and deserve every bit of the top chapel in Las Vegas name they have earned. We would not hesitate to recommend them, they made our day awesome and I'm confident they will make yours awesome too!

    Brock E. Flagstaff, AZ
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    We had the most wonderful experience with Viva Las Vegas chapel. We decided on the "Elvis in Concert" wedding package and we're not disappointed. Elvis was magnificent and the entire staff was wonderful to work with. They had great communication and answered any questions we had. If you want a fun lively wedding where all your guests can be involved this is the place !

    Lea M. Topeka, KS
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    My friends were married by old school Vegas Elvis and I don't think they could have had a more perfect wedding. It was so cool because there were smoke machines, a pink Cadillac, great music, lots of love, and for those who could not make it, a live feed so family and friends could watch the wedding via live feed or catch it later online. We had the reception in a 1950's room that looked like a diner. They made pretty decent sliders and the chocolate shake was delicious. We had a great time taking pictures and just enjoying each other's company after an amazing wedding. I don't think the wedding could have been any better, and it made a crap trip to Vegas totally worth it. Congrats again, Amanda and Paul! 5/23/2015.

    Zandra E. Dallas, TX
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Elvis was killing it! Great experience ! Everything went great the event went without a hitch! I would highly recommend this chapel for your wedding needs!

    Aaron C. Anaheim, CA
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Just Married yesterday.My Husband &I could not have chosen a better place.From the Limousine ride to Chapel & back to Hotel.The Minister made everything go smoothly.All of the staff was very friendly & professional. My Wedding was Everything I hoped for.I recommend the(Evening Gazebo Package). Thank You Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!!!

    Batavia F. Los Angeles, CA
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Getting married is a big deal. For that reason, I was certain something would go wrong on my day. However, everything went smoothly and I have no complaints. We did the Doo Wop Diner with Elvis. The diner was amazing. Elvis was PERFECT. He brought excellent energy to the ceremony and made a nervous situation into something comfortable and fun. I really wish I could remember her name, but the blonde girl with the accent at the front desk was great too, and very patient while we filled out papers and paid for everything. Our photographer Kalin was AWESOME. I was impatiently awaiting the photos to be uploaded onto the website, and was pleasantly surprised when they were up only two days after the ceremony. On top of that, he got some excellent shots and I had trouble deciding which ones I wanted. Overall, this place leaves me incredibly happy. Yes, there are cheap little spots in Vegas to get married. This one is worth the extra couple of bucks (still very affordable), because I bet you won't get treated this well somewhere else. Thank you, thank you! I hope to come back here someday for an anniversary.

    Kayla K. Mira Loma, CA
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    The best place to get married in Vegas and here is why...My fiance (now my husband) went to many places to see what was out there. This was our wedding and we wanted a couple of quirky things in our wedding. They said yes to everything and I mean everything. Our wedding planner Olivia was awesome from the beginning. She worked with us on everything we wanted. She kept saying its your wedding...I felt like I was bugging her calling her but she never said a word. She is definitely an asset and deserves a big raise. We also went in and checked out this place a couple of months before we got married and talked to Rachel she was great as well...

    I worked with Sonny in the flower shop. My flowers turned out beautiful. I paid a little extra which was fine, I wanted Lillie's in my bouquet. He worked with me and sent me pictures of different bouquets and I told him what I liked and he made the most awesome bouquets for me and my girls. They were great, :)

    I absolute loved our Elvis. He was super nice and funny. We used his vows which made everyone laugh. We went with the Pink Cadillac package. The 3 songs he sang were "it's alright, Love me tender & Viva Las Vegas.

    They also let us bring in our own music. I had everyone walk down the aisle to "A little less conversation"

    The photographer took some great shots as well...

    Everyone that we came in contact with were super nice to us. When we are ready to renew our vows we are coming back...

    The best place 2 get married in las vegas....

    Carrie S. Tucson, AZ
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Married here 5/30/15 in the Garden chapel. It was 150% perfect. The Limo driver, Shaun was so courteous and nice. He picked us up in one location and dropped us off at another with no issues.

    The garden is so beautiful. We chose our own music and they played it and made sure to give us our cd back.

    If you want first look- they make Very sure he doesn't even get a peek. My WC was persistent in keeping me out of eye until the ceremony.

    My favorite part absolutely was the fact that friends and family all over the world could be a part with the Internet streaming. It was awesome quality and I had friends posting pictures of my wedding on facebook even before the reception from the online feed. I got so many messages of people who watched and said it felt like they were really there, and my grandpa in NY called with such excitement that he watched from online.

    I highly recommend viva Las Vegas. Especially for people who have family and friends all over with a lower budget.

    One thing- READ your welcome packet! I read it about 6 times and called the chapel at least 6 more with questions to which were all answered in such a friendly matter. This is probably one of the only chapels that allow your guests to take photos at the ceremony after all my research. They also allow you to truly customize it. I'm in full belief anyone who gave them less than a 3 star probably didn't read the welcome packet or website.

    Thank You Viva Las Vegas!

    Megan G. Kingman, AZ
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    THIS PLACE IS FREAKING AWESOME! The staff was amazing. The Limo Driver Shawn was great picked us up on time, made the drive smooth and just incredible. The staff told us to wait in the other room and not to peak to not ruin the surprise making it extra special.

    And when the curtain came up and out came DARTH VADAR. Holy Crap that was awesome and he was great during the ceremony. The Photographer was excellent taking many pictures and not missing a minute. The whole family back home was able to sit down and watch the wedding.

    I was extremely impressed how Darth Vadar walked out us of the chapel announcing us Husband and Wife and our names on the big sign outside the place. I loved it and already have plans for the renewal of Vows to be done there. Thank you guys for everything you did for us.

    Phillip H. Miami, FL
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Very helpful staff, helped us plan exactly what we wanted. Be sure to cover all that you want, everything is extra. Photographer was awesome & the lady who.put our album together was awesome. Didn't feel rushed and ceremony was just right amount of time.

    Sherry S. Austin, TX
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Best Elvis ever! He gave me the chills when I first saw him! Thanks so much. Hopefully, we'll be back in 10 years

    Jenny H. Gaithersburg, MD
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Had the best quick vegas wedding!!

    We are local so the idea of a Vegas wedding seemed a bit, well, unclassy. We didn't want all the hype but we didn't really want Elvis ether. This place has everything you could ever want!! Every theme, every ambience.

    We got the outdoor night gazebo wedding package and it was so beautiful. It only holds about 15 people or so and it was done in about 5 minutes. The photographer, well since we are being honest, she wasn't the best. Pushy and frankly not that good. So if having great pictures is part of your 'dream wedding' then you might want to pay the fee and bring in your own. The staff was beyond sweet and they will customize whatever you want and however you want.

    My friends and family all commented that they'd wish they'd done it our way. Fast and simple but still classy and romantic. We wouldn't have changed a thing.

    They were also super helpful before the wedding with answering any questions I had. At the end you get your names on the banner free of charge and it makes for some amazing pictures. Another perk is they allow your friends to take pictures during the ceremony as long as you stay seated. Many local chapels don't allow that. I recommend watching some on their live webcam feeds too to get a better idea of which scene within their venue is for you. The chapel and gazebo are perfect if you don't want that vegas look and want something a little more traditional.

    Ashleigh K. Las Vegas, NV
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Awesome little Las Vegas wedding. Our limo driver Shawn was right on time and completely professional. Our reverend was funny and had me laughing during our ceremony. Yes, it is fast - they do like 50 weddings a day...but for the money it can't be beat. The photos of our ceremony were posted to their site within 5 days, and although they have 10 days to record our marriage in Clark County, it was done in 6. No complaints at all, and we will probably be back one of these days to renew our vows :)

    Veronica F. Atlanta, GA
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    I am very happy with how everything went.

    They are a well oiled machine, like others have said, you are a number but they do do their best to meet your needs. The welcome packet is very helpful. I was in touch with them through out preparations and was happy with how everything went. The bouquet was right, and Elvis's sash matched my dress!

    We had about 25 people attend, so it was a nice group in the chapel, though like others have said, there is really not a lot of places you can wait.

    We did the Pink Cadillac drive in wedding, streamed live, and bought the DVD (and VHS omg, so funny!)

    All in all, it was quick and clean and a lot of fun to dance during the ceremony.

    Our photographer was excellent, Elvis was fun and everyone had huge smiles on their faces.

    And our names on the marque outside is a really cool touch, glad we got photos of it.

    Thank you so much for making this such a great memory!

    Christ O. Bridgewater, NJ
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    My Fiance and I booked this wedding chapel for our wedding, and we loved everything about our wedding. I handled all the details via email and phone from our home in Scottsdale, AZ and the staff at the chapel answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. They saw to every detail with my bouquet, party bus, music, ceremony and pictures. We did the James Bond wedding and everyone loved it. They were extremely professional and think of everything!. It was very fun and stress free!

    Jorj S. Scottsdale, AZ
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Great service provided awesome customer service (photographer and Elvis) this was a really good experience. Thank you!!

    Jorge M. Simi Valley, CA
  • Yelp! Five Star Review

    Years ago during a trip to Vegas, we joked about renewing our vows on our 20th anniversary with an Elvis impersonator. As it neared, we had booked the flights and hotel, our most fun friends and family had booked their flights and hotels - but we didn't book the ceremony. 2 weeks before the date, I hit the internet to find something and came across the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel website. To be honest, I didn't look further. It seemed to fit the bill and we were just looking to have fun. We booked it. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of the most fun experiences of my life. It wasn't just funny, it was also sweet. Our "Elvis" was incredible. He didn't break character, he was incredibly talented but he was also very human and personable. Along with the fun, he made our vow renewal sweet. I wish I had gotten his name because I'd recommend him to everyone. If you're calling to reserve, ask them for the Elvis who performed the ceremony for Bob and Lynn on Nov. 9th. The Chapel staff were great. Helpful, efficient and fun. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to be married (or remarried) by The King.

    Lynn L. Manhattan, NY
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