Garden weddings in Vegas in autumn season
Romantic outdoor weddings in the Garden Chapel are just the thing for autumn evenings!

It’s not only in Las Vegas that autumn weddings are becoming the most popular with brides and grooms. We’ve ALWAYS had a busy fall season, since summer days get so hot here in the desert. Lots of couples plan to get married during the most predictable and comfortable weather possible. Although in summer we keep all of our chapels chilled, with cooling misters going in our Gazebo and Garden chapels, there are a few modifications you’ll need to make for a summer wedding in Vegas. Anything over 100 degrees in the shade requires a bit of adjustment for those who aren’t accustomed to it. Couples will need to give extra thought to their wedding wardrobe and plan every aspect of the wedding accordingly.

But, our outdoor chapels, and indoor ones, too, come alive during September-early November. We always figured it was because of the wonderful off-season resort rates on the Strip, plus our gorgeous fall days. But we recently found that brides and grooms all across the country are opting for fall weddings. In fact, June is no longer the “wedding month” of favor! Who knew?

Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, our summer weddings are short and sweet, and shaded and misted when they take place in our garden area. We do our best to keep you and your guests chilled indoors until your short and sweet ceremony, by a warm and friendly minister or even by Elvis. The paperwork takes place in air conditioned comfort…And, many weddings take place after dark, which can be surprisingly comfortable even when it’s 100 degrees! It’s a dry heat in Vegas!

Vegas wedding flowers
We keep your bouquet chilled in summer and fall, so your wedding flowers are always fresh and dewy!

What a surprise that global warming is playing a part in the Vegas wedding season! Opt for our romantic Garden or Gazebo on a balmy fall evening, lit by tiny white twinkling lights. Fall is also the best time for weddings at nearby Red Rock Canyon, or even at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Helicopter weddings high above the neon of the Las Vegas Strip are best in the fall and winter months, too. (In Vegas, winter is often so mild, it’s really just a cooler extension of autumn on many days!)

Wedding marquee Vegas
Every Viva Las Vegas wedding package includes photography and your name in lights under our on-the-Strip lighted marquee!

Call us to book your wedding at 702-384-0771, or check out all of our Traditional, Elvis or Themed Wedding packages online at Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Weddings including flowers, photography, minister start at under $300. Viva Las Vegas!