Viva Las Vegas showgirls at wedding during pandemic
Viva Las Vegas showgirls make modifications to keep you (and themselves) safer during your Elvis wedding or vow renewal!

Brides and grooms will notice that our Las Vegas weddings during pandemic re-opening have taken on a few added features. For your protection. And ours. We want you to feel as safe as possible during your carefully planned Vegas honeymoon vacation. But even safer at your wedding!

Our lobby offers a plexiglass screen between staff and you and your guests. Plus you’ll see all of our safety protocols clearly posted. The newest is that Nevada Governor Sisolak has now made masks required when in any public space. Couples getting married can take them off for the vows, but guests should keep theirs on to comply. It’s for everyone’s protection. Even our showgirls wear them, and Elvis, unless he’s very socially distanced! (Your posed photo session after the ceremony is the only brief exception to this.)

Hand sanitizer is available for your use, and wedding coordinators see to it that guests are appropriately socially distanced in the pews. Also, when you book your wedding, you’ll find out the current limit on numbers of guests, per State regulation. (Remember, things change often these days. So you’ll want to call us with any concerns over details.)

4th of july wedding in vegas

Our absolute safest weddings take place in our Outdoor Gazebo and Outdoor Garden Chapel settings. (Elvis or regular minister—your choice!) Open air offers the most protection against aerosol spread, according to experts. See all our packages at with that in mind. Our Main Chapel is large and spacious, so keeping the recommended six feet apart is not difficult. Our fingers are crossed for the day when these measures aren’t needed anymore. But in the meantime, we hope to make Vegas weddings during pandemic times as memorable and as much fun as we possibly can! Viva Las Vegas!

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