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Did you know you can tell your very own Las Vegas wedding love story on your free wedding website/invitation? Your personal web page comes with every Elvis, traditional or themed wedding package at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! On your page you can share photos and the story of how you met and how he proposed. Or anything you else want! That’s also the page where your wedding can be streamed live and archived, if you choose to!

Below we’ll share a lovely example of Sandy and Bryan’s wedding web page. They just tied the knot with us a few days ago. We think it’s perfectly done, and very touching! Here goes:

We’re getting married…FINALLY!  It’s Now or Never as Elvis would sing, eleven years to be exact.  For us it is 7/19/20, a crazy year for two people who are lovable and quirky enough to be well…questionable at times, but ultimately have the greater good in mind.  We are excited to share this moment with you COVID-19 style…the new norm…virtually.  

Mark your calendar, we will be live streaming our wedding. Join us in celebrating getting hitched, Vegas style!

How We Met

Sandy:  We met on, my membership was ending with one day left and Bryan reached out to me. His photo was with sunglasses, a pet peeve of mine, so I was slightly annoyed as the eyes are the windows to the soul, right? I decided what the heck he is the last one, before I resign from online dating all together. We exchanged several email messages and I loved the thought provoking questions he asked, so I was intrigued, yet still skeptical. We first met in person on April 9, 2009. I sat at the bar, brought my finance textbooks, thinking this date may not go so well and at least I can get some study time in.  Bryan was fashionably late, this he will deny, so I sat between two guys truly trying to save a seat, but thinking I had been stood up, so I chatted with these two gentleman BUT I was still looking for Bryan. 

He walked up and I even recognized him no sunglasses, and he sat down next to me and we talked for over two hours.  I could not have been more wrong and so glad the day I said yes.  Bryan…well…he walks to the beat of a drummer I have never met… this is what I love the most about him

Bryan: Our first date will always be a dispute that I will always win because anyone that knows me, understands that I am not late. In fact, most of the time I show up early which on this day I did. Unfortunately on this day my technology let me down. Imagine walking into a bar on a Friday night to meet a person you have never met who is sitting next to guys while you are looking for someone who has an empty seat next to her. Your phone dies so you can’t call her so you walk into the bar five times, walk out of the bar four times to try to figure out what you should do. In the end, I finally saw her trying to ‘pick’ up her alternative to me and started what would soon be our future. 

The Proposal

It happened where it all started at The Yard house by the chairs where we first met.  It was simple and special, because it was that night where our lives changed forever.  Like any couple we have grown, had our moments and challenges, but in the end we did not let life circumstances win.  Instead we choose each other.

Now the ring, too good a story not to share…typical Bryan style…we were out running errands and happened to be at a mall. I was seriously looking at the shops for shoes, what girl wouldn’t?  Bryan happened to mention look there is a Kay’s jewelry store, well I immediately gravitated from shoes to jewelry…yes I know what you’re thinking…You go girl!  

I went in and looked at the rings, Neil Lane of course, but didn’t like any of the styles, (no offense Neil) so the happy salesperson mentioned CUSTOMIZE and two hours later, while Bryan visited every autograph store in the mall while speed dialing Frank Rotella, I’m certain sending an SOS.  Frank called timely as Bryan handed off the credit card, me giddy, Bryan in the mall concourse asking Frank What have I done?  What could Frank say…”Sorry Dude.”  Lovingly of course. 

I am so proud to wear this beautiful ring. Bryan said, “I’ve never even spent that much on a car.” I LOVE that he wanted it to be special for me.

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A Las Vegas Wedding

We planned on sharing with all  our friends and family, but all is not lost.  Life circumstances changed for us job wise and me starting a new business. Logistically we needed to make this happen in 2020 and then COVID-19 hit, and so did reality. We didn’t want to do a Justice of the Peace wedding, so why not embrace our quirky selves and have a fun time doing it Vegas style.  

In 2021 we will have a renewal of vows at Denver Rocky Mountain National Park, reception to follow to share in person with our Denver family and friends and one in Chicago, maybe on Fox River and a reception on Cubby lane to share with our Chicago family and friends.  

Thank you all for embracing and loving us. You all bring something amazingly beautiful to our lives.

Our best wishes go out to Sandy and Bryan for a lifetime of continued happiness ahead! See all the creative ways to share your own Las Vegas wedding love story at

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