Red Rock Canyon wedding just outside las vegas, where love is celebrated

Love is love, here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. It’s a philosophy we’ve heartily embraced since opening our chapel doors over 20 years ago. We want to celebrate love, in whatever form it takes. Whenever two people want to join their lives together, we are 100% behind their joy and commitment. With this in mind, we’ve always tried to make every wedding as unique and special as each couple. On your wedding day, we believe you both should marry in a way that expresses the two of you.

Saturday Night Fever style wedding,

With all the unrest in the country just now, it seems important to share what love can look like. So we’ve decided to share some wedding photos today. Acceptance, tolerance, and a desire to promote kindness and love mean everything at this moment. And we believe we should all strive to promote these beliefs every day in all we do.

50s style Elvis wedding in Las Vegas

One thing we know for sure is that after hosting literally thousands of weddings at our chapel, every couple’s story is different. But the love looks the same to us. It’s apparent in the joy, tears, laughter and respect between every couple, no matter how light-hearted the ceremony they choose for their special day.

Simple Vegas Wedding in beautiful Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where love is in the air

Our chapel has just opened after the pandemic shutdown, and we are safely and gently trying to return to some kind of normal. With the sadness and tragedy that has followed this past week, we are trying to see the beauty in humanity. We are trying to remain hopeful that some meaningful change will be brought about. We want our country to come together, to seek out the kind of support and brother/sisterhood that can exist between couples of all races, sexes, ethnicities.

Liberace wedding vegas

Our message is simple. Look for the love. Assume the best about others you don’t know. Wish everyone happiness, comfort, safety and all they need. Wish everyone well, as you do on their birthday, their wedding day, their graduation. Wish the best for everyone, every day.

garden style wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings where love is in bloom

Camelot Wedding Vegas shows love is timeless

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