Gazebo Wedding Vegas

If your future plans include a wedding at Viva Las Vegas wedding chapels, it may be time to figure out one thing—“Which Vegas Bride Are You?” We’ve come up with a fun quiz to determine if a traditional, themed, or Elvis wedding is right for you!

What is the “feel” of your imagined wedding in Las Vegas?

  1. Intimate and romantic
  2. Casual and carefree
  3. Glitzy Vegas fun
  4. Creative and magical
  5. Airy and dreamlike
  6. Elegant and impressive

What is your wedding budget, including flowers, photography and chapel fees?

  1. under $200
  2. $200-$350
  3. $350-$500
  4. $500-$750 
  5. $750-$850
  6. Over $850/ including a reception please

Which best describes your imagined (or already purchased) wedding dress?

  1. Strapless gown, flower headpiece or simple veil
  2. Party chic, a bit on the sexy side
  3. Disney Princess
  4. Hollywood icon
  5. Barefoot on the beach
  6. Unique and over the top, baby!

What is the perfect wedding setting for you?

  1. Warm, candlelit chapel with stained glass windows
  2. A romantic garden with vines and twinkling lights
  3. Kitschy 1950’s soda fountain 
  4. Elegant chapel with vaulted ceiling and lots of pews
  5. Outdoors in a majestic natural setting
  6. In a fabulous Strip location or in a gorgeous hotel suite

What would your ideal minister be like?

  1. Welcoming, soft-spoken and fatherly/motherly
  2. Fun-loving with a twinkle in the eye, putting you at ease
  3. A bit on the wacky side, making fun for you and your guests
  4. Talented enough to sing a song or two during the ceremony
  5. Like a character from a wild SNL sketch
  6. A music legend impersonator!

Now, future brides, see if you have mostly 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc., here. Or, are your choices all over the place? Either way, we have great news ! Viva Las Vegas has the perfect wedding for you, in the perfect chapel setting! (And you won’t have to do any math!)

Because at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can wear what you like, choose from several chapels (see under “Chapels” at, and find a wedding in ANY style for ANY budget. Plus we have receptions, too. From cake and champagne toasts to elaborate dining and dancing affairs. We even have off-property adventure weddings in several locations near Vegas. Even in a helicopter over the Strip!

Mostly 1’s might like our Gazebo Chapel or a simple traditional wedding in our Main Chapel. Mostly 2’s can choose a basic Elvis package, indoors or out! Three’s will love to customize a simple wedding, adding a fun character minister, or have one with Elvis in our Doo Wop Diner chapel. Mostly 4-6’s? Themed weddings, all the way! So, which Vegas bride are you? Whatever the case, we’ve got a wedding for you! Check our Traditional, Elvis and Themed Weddings drop-down menus. If the wedding of your dreams isn’t there, we’ll create one for you! Viva Las Vegas!

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