Tracey and Jason with chapel owner Ron Decar (aka Elvis!) 20 years ago today!

We are touched beyond words when brides and grooms from days gone by contact us many years later. Today is a 20th anniversary to remember! Because today was the day Tracey and Jason Noble were married by Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Tracey shared a photo (above) with us from that very day, not long after the chapel first opened. To give some perspective, that was May of the year 2000, just one year after the Paris, Venetian and Mandalay Bay Hotels opened, and only two years after the Bellagio and its world famous fountains!

Viva Las Vegas WEddings main chapel
The Main Chapel where these two wed, as it appeared twenty years ago…and still does today!

Here’s an excerpt from Tracey’s note to us yesterday:

Hi Ron!!!! Tomorrow is a spectacular day! My husband and I got married with YOU (Elvis) 20 years ago! It was our first trip to Vegas, and such an incredible time…we will never forget the magical wedding we had, the amazing week, oh Viva Las Vegas! I just don’t know how to express it during these times… Love you and Elvis and all of it!  

Wishing Tracey and Jason a day of fabulous Las Vegas memories. We’d love to have you visit us again for another anniversary vow renewal celebration someday. (25th?) And bring the kids next time! (That’s the most fun thing when couples return with a family that’s grown since their wedding day with us!) Thank you for making our day by sharing your memories! Viva Las Vegas!–Indeed a 20th anniversary to remember!

Happy 20th Anniversary to Tracey and Jason Noble!

Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding
  1. Thank you! It was such a special day and you made it everything I wanted, any request I had you made happen! See you in 5 years I HOPE! 😀

    1. We hope to see you too! We’re trying our best to make it through these trying times, since the pandemic has hit Las Vegas pretty hard. Several of the Strip hotels just reopened yesterday after the shutdown, so we are looking to brighter days ahead. Elvis is adjusting to singing in a face mask! Thank you again for sharing your memories with us…that really lifted our spirits more than you know!