Sci Fi Weddings Vegas
You never know who will show up at our Intergalactic Themed Weddings—or from what science fiction galaxy far far away…

We can’t be sure exactly when or how we’ll resume our Viva Las Vegas Weddings as we come out of self-isolation. We’ll do it as safely and wisely as humanly possible, for sure! Already we are toying with some post isolation wedding ideas for couples. Mostly just for fun. But you never know. Many of our wild themes and costumes lend themselves to safer practices…including masks!

For example our Intergalactic Theme offers up a Darth Vader minister, fully masked for your protection! Brides dressed as Princess Leia might consider a third bun (mask) right over their beautiful faces. (We ARE just kidding here…but…?)

Vegas Cleopatra wedding
Egyptian Themed Wedding

Our Egyptian themed wedding features the bride carried in by slave boys…a good six feet of social distancing here! Plus the bride and female guests can wear veils that cover protective masks!

Fans of our Gothic weddings will feel safe with a Grim Reaper minister, or even Jason. Only because of the mask, of course! And we’re pretty sure that our creative couples will come up with some traditional yet protective veils, tulle and pearl covered masks and masks with bow ties. Originality and imagination reign here!

We’re still dreaming of the day we open again, with these silly but fun ideas of what a future Viva Las Vegas Wedding will look like. But with the largest freestanding chapel on the Strip, we know we will be able to keep safe distancing a forever practice. To dream a little bit of days to come and your own wedding with us someday soon…visit us at Help us out, if you like, by sending us some of your OWN post isolation wedding ideas!