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Did you know that the amazing number of wedding vow renewals at Viva Las Vegas Weddings almost equals the number of first weddings? In fact, we’ve had many 25th anniversary Elvis weddings. Those clearly-still-in-love couples exchanged wedding vows all over again after decades together. Other couples stroll down the aisle for a third or even fourth time with us! But how do those vows compare to their first wedding vows? If you want to include your OWN personal vows in your ceremony, here are 5 tips for vow renewals. They help make your special day even more memorable!

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1. Include something about your first wedding, and what your vows meant to you back then. Or, you might refer to something uniquely personal or funny that happened on your wedding day, way back when. It’s a good way to begin your vows.

2. Write about what you’ve learned over the years about the other person, and your unique dynamic as a couple. What has made you grow closer? What about your mate has made your love endure? Be as specific as you can, even if it’s about how they always fill up your gas tank for you every time it gets low. You might also consider listing a few of your favorite, quirky things that your partner does, however small.

3. Make a few specific new promises that will have meaning to your spouse. For example, “I promise to let you be your own person, Whenever we don’t share an interest in something, I promise to support YOUR interest and be your biggest cheerleader.” Or even, “I promise to greet you when you come home from work, and stop everything for even just a few seconds to let you know that you bring me joy whenever you enter the house.” That sort of thing.

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4. Talk a little about the future, your hopes for the coming years together.

5. Finish with a few words about why you’ve chosen to renew your vows on this day. (Here would be the place to pop out a new ring or some surprise memento of the occasion, or even an old photo of your first wedding day in a tiny new frame or locket….Not necessary, but great if you are the sentimental and creative type!)

Remember, your own vows are optional. Elvis (or your friendly wedding minister) has got you covered, either way. At Viva Las Vegas we LOVE weddings, but the incredible wedding vow renewals we see and are moved by each day have a special place in our hearts! Come see us, again! To pick an Elvis, Themed or Traditional wedding to renew your vows with us, visit