Star Wars Day Wedding in Las Vegas on May the 4th
Come as your favorite characters to be married in a May the Fourth themed wedding–or do it any other day of the year!

Dearly beloved Star Wars and space-themed sic-fi fans! Is a wedding or wedding vow renewal in YOUR future? Why not tie the knot in a galaxy far, far away? Or…in Las Vegas! May the Fourth, Star Wars Day, is fast approaching! Star Wars Day weddings are a big thing with us!

For the occasion, our fabulous Intergalactic Themed Wedding package is customized with a minister character of your choosing. (Some folks prefer that OTHER space franchise….) The ceremony includes the music, special effects (theatrical lights and space fog), flowers, photos and drama. Our Darth Vader impersonator minister is the most popular choice to do the honors. Best of all, couples and their guests may come dressed to play other roles. Customize any aspect of your ceremony! We’re happy to accommodate your imagination. 🙂

Star Wars themed Vegas wedding with storm trooper best man
Storm troopers make the best best men ever!

Book soon for best available wedding times! To see all this package includes, us at Once there, click on the drop down Themed Weddings bar to find the Intergalactic package details.

Star Wars type wedding with Darth impersonator minister
Theatrical lighting and fog effects during your ceremony set the mood

Feel free to add live streaming online so folks all over the planet can watch if they can’t attend in person. You can also add upgrades such as extra characters, and even Elvis, if you want to go extra wacky–Yes, we’ve done this before!

If you have any questions about YOUR Star Wars Day weddings, or special requests, feel free to give us a call at 702-384-0771. We’ll see you on the Fourth!

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