Elvis public domain photo
Photo by By Ollie Atkins, chief White House photographer (public domain photograph)

As incredible as it may seem, Elvis would be celebrating his 85th birthday on January 8th. Happy Birthday, Elvis! As always, Elvis’ memory is in our thoughts all this week. Mainly, we’ll be celebrating love (and love of Elvis) with couples who are devoted fans. But many folks marry or renew vows here with “The King” simply because of the nostalgia factor. Either way, today we celebrate Elvis!

Elvis birthday wedding
Upgrade your wedding with an Elvis cake and cake-topper to go!

Elvis’s birthday is a popular wedding day in our chapels. But, dang it, it may be too late to book your wedding ceremony or vow renewal for Elvis’s birthday this year. However, if you’re planning a spring wedding, consider May 1st. It’s the anniversary of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding in Vegas.

For extra fun, some couples dress up as Elvis and Priscilla for their kitschy wedding vows. Or, look into our fantastic 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel. If you don’t have your own costumes, we rent them in our costume shop.

For casual or impromptu ceremonies, we sell just the “shades with sideburns.” Bridal veils, too! (Some brides may prefer to dress as “Marilyn.” We’ve got you covered with our wide range of themed costume choices.)

Check our Elvis wedding page for the wide variety of Elvis wedding packages, from the very affordable to the very over-the-top at: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/elvis_wedding_packages.htm

Celebrate the day! Then, come visit us when it’s time to renew your vows in an unforgettable Elvis ceremony. And, Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding
The most popular Elvis wedding we have…Cruise down the aisle with Elvis in our one-of-a-kind Elvis Pink Caddy wedding ceremony!
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