Halloween weddings in Las Vegas...meet our Vegas wedding staff member, Destiny!
Destiny in her wonderfully witchy Halloween costume, ready to take on one of our busiest (and spookiest!) wedding days of the year.

Welcome to the first in a series of blog spotlights! Here you’ll meet our Vegas wedding staff, one-on-one. And one-by-one. They’ll give you an inside look at the workings of a Las Vegas wedding chapel. What’s the best and worst part of being a Vegas wedding planner, photographer, minister, florist, or actor? Today we have a date with Destiny. No, really. Destiny, who answers calls and coordinates weddings on a daily basis. We presented her with a few intriguing questions about herself and her work at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. 

Where are you from? Share a little bit about your background and interests.

I grew up in Kansas City,  Missouri, and moved to Bloomington, Indiana for undergrad. I majored in Creative Writing and minored in French and American Sign Language. During college, I studied abroad in Paris, France, for four months, which changed my life and started me on my minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle.

To this end, I make all of our own soaps, cleaning supplies, candles, furniture, etc. I’m very handy and creative 🙂 My husband and I moved to Las Vegas in August 2018 for his graduate studies. (We got married that October.) We had an almost entirely DIY wedding. I designed my dress and ring and made the paper and bound the books for our vows and guest book. I even made candles for wedding favors and made all of my jewelry. It was magical!

 On the side, I also have my own photography business, Black Salt Photography. I’ve been doing photography since middle school and tend to take more of an artistic eye to it. I adore the darker, moodier, and less traditional style of photography.

meet our Vegas wedding staff member Destiny and her hubby...a wedding pic of her own!
Destiny and hubby on her OWN wedding day, just last year!

What is your favorite part about working at the chapel?

I honestly love coordinating and working with our couples. It’s pretty cool when I have really nervous or stressed out clients and I can visibly see the moment when I make them feel better. I fell in love with weddings after my own and I am constantly trying to make sure each of their weddings is just as special for them. It is a big day and it could be easy to just treat them as numbers but I want to stay personal.

Another great thing about the chapel is all the people I work with. I’ve held a manager position in almost every job I have had since I was 16. Each job had its particular challenges. But Viva is actually like a family. The heart of it is definitely (chapel owners) Jamie and Ron. They’ve built an empire from their own love and passion and its a beautiful thing to be a part of.

What is the most challenging part?

The most challenging thing is when couples don’t take the time to read or listen to the advice we offer. We provide all the info they need to know at the time of booking their wedding. The chapel has been around for over 20 years. So we know what needs to happen to make everyone’s day go smoothly. But couples sometimes don’t listen or get too excited and don’t hear all the often-important details. We don’t want to ruin their day. But we do need to make sure that all the other weddings are not adversely affected by that one extra-giddy wedding party. Luckily, the coordinators are pretty good at working together to figure out the biggest problems.

wedding staff Destiny does photography on the side
Destiny is also an accomplished freelance wedding photographer in her own right. Here she really “gets into” her work!

Your favorite wedding story to share?

So many stories–it’s hard to pick a favorite! I love experiencing everyone’s love. The quickie weddings, the long-awaited ones, and the renewals. I think my favorite ceremonies are the ones where couples truly allow themselves to enjoy the moment with their spouse. Exchanging personal vows always gets me, or when couples dance together or hold hands sweetly during the ceremony. To me, the simple touches of love are more true than the extravagant shows. I always feel like I’ve done my job well when I know they are happy.

What’s the best advice you would like to share with couples planning a wedding at Viva Las Vegas?

Talk to us! We all love making your day special, but we cannot do that if you don’t tell us everything you want and need. Even if you don’t think it’s important, tell us. And be sure to tell us before your wedding day. Even if you think everyone else in your life is tired of hearing you talk about your wedding, your wedding coordinator always wants to hear more. 

I’m also the chapel’s social media coordinator, and we love it when you tag us in your photos! We also love hearing your feedback on your wedding experiences with us!

So, talk to Destiny. And any of our other friendly wedding staffers at 702-384-0771. http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com And check out the blog for future opportunities to meet our Vegas wedding staff. We’re here to make YOUR wedding magical!

Our thanks to Destiny for sharing a bit about herself! And Viva Las Vegas Weddings!