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Our wedding professionals help you find the person who may someday tie the knot with you here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings—we hope!

Most of our wedding packages at Viva Las Vegas Weddings include everything but the spouse-to-be…That’s on YOU! But, because it’s in our own best interest, : ) here’s our take and best advice on finding YOUR soulmate.

Some brides, believe it or not, have their wedding ceremonies all planned out long before the proposal. And when a fun and unforgettably original wedding in Las Vegas is part of that plan, we can see why you’d be anxious to find your soulmate. The one who’ll tie the knot with you in a fantastic ceremony featuring Elvis, Tom Jones, Dracula, or even a “normal” minister here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Recently we came across a few pointers that make a person particularly attractive as spouse bait. Hey, it can’t hurt to try a few. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you’ll be booking your fantastic Elvis, themed or traditional wedding with us one day soon!

Getting married in a 50s diner chapel at Viva Las Vegas weddings
Once you’ve found “the one,” you can even get hitched by Elvis in our 1950s era Doo Wop Diner Chapel!


1. Cultivate a special ability. A skill or hobby that is unusual speaks volumes about your confidence and perserverance. We’d all like an interesting spouse who excels in at least one intriguing thing. Take the time to learn something well. It’s a win-win, even if it doesn’t attract a mate right off the bat.

2. Don’t linger too long over every little decision. Knowing what you want out of life is very appealing to others. It also demonstrates your self-confidence and self-esteem, two of the most magnetic qualities of all. Of course, you can overdo this by being cocky or disrespectful. Toe the line, but don’t be wishy-washy.

3. Know what your strengths are, and play them up. Your strengths show your character, and everyone identifies with good qualities. After all, most of us want to associate with people who seem even better than ourselves.

4. If you’re not the best-looking person, concentrate on your other characteristics–ways of presenting yourself to your best advantage. Stylish clothing, a signature (wonderful) scent, or elegant posture and grace can go a long way toward creating a charismatic appearance. Everybody has one or two strong physical features.

Liberace Tribute Wedding
You know you’re two of a kind when you BOTH want a Liberace impersonator wedding!

5. Pay a LOT of attention to others, less to yourself, and really listen. Ask more questions, trying to speak a bit less than you listen. Give the other person your complete focus. Nothing is more attractive than someone who seems focused on US. Learn to become sensitive to people’s moods and feelings. It’s a rare and sought-after quality. (Remember, though, this doesn’t mean you need to become a doormat. Again, toe the line on this one.)

6. Take a class, in ANYTHING. You’ll meet new people who are looking to improve themselves…a great date pool! Plus, you will become a more interesting person in the process.

7. Complain a lot less. If you ever find yourself complaining to anyone (okay, “when” you find yourself complaining), chances are good they are wishing you would stop. Be a grown-up and try to do things without making excuses or whining. What you don’t do can be very attractive. The right person will notice this above all else.

8. Have fun with nearly everything you do, and try to use humor whenever possible, especially in tense or awkward situations. It’s appreciated by everyone. Plus, in many surveys, a good sense of humor is listed as one of the most desirable qualities in a spouse.

We’re hoping these pointers have given you some ideas and inspiration for becoming the perfect someone for somebody out there. Finding your soulmate is about being the right soulmate. And…When the time comes, check out all of our fun and thrilling Viva Las Vegas weddings at !
See you on your wedding day!

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