Vegas themed wedding chapel store room
Yes, we think we know where the surfboard is for the Beach Party wedding….

If you’ve ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at our Viva Las Vegas Chapel backstage, read on! It’s a wild and wonderful madhouse at times. Through each day, we alternate Elvis weddings with traditional ones. Then there are crazy themed weddings and romantic garden ceremonies. We have to set up and strike the scene for each one. And, boy, do we have storage issues!

Just off the Main Chapel, there are a couple of small storage rooms. They’re packed with props, costumes, and set pieces for our many themed weddings. Even wall hangings can be changed, according to the theme. Since our themed weddings all include theatrical fog, there are huge tanks for fog making stored. Plus, extra cameras and lighting equipment are stowed away there. Somehow.

Egyptian wedding in Vegas
After this Egyptian Wedding, we’ll be setting up for a Liberace themed ceremony! Move that piano stage right!

Wedding staffers wear many hats, too! Photographers double as Darth Vader or King Tut ministers. Wedding planners who man the phones also move set pieces and strew aisles with rose petals. They’ll also run couples to our costume or tux rental shops before the ceremony. When there’s a reception, everyone pitches in. We’ll lay out the buffet tables, then run to the onsite flower shop to collect bouquets for the next few weddings. It’s just another day at a Vegas chapel backstage!

Viva Las Vegas weddings props storage for themed weddings and Elvis weddings
One day we’ll organize these shelves a bit better…

To view our many themed wedding offerings, visit When you see how many there are, just imagine how crowded our prop rooms are! And, if you don’t see a themed wedding you like, we take requests! Call us anytime at 702-384-0771. We’ll create a custom theme for just you two!

Western Wedding Vegas
Our Western Themed Wedding doesn’t include the horse…no room in the prop storage area!