Same sex traditional wedding in Las Vegas with two lovely brides
Choose a traditional style wedding, Elvis, or a combination of both!

Since we opened our wedding chapel doors twenty years ago, Viva Las Vegas Weddings has welcomed every couple wishing to bind their lives together in love. Years ago, we could only perform commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples. But today all that has changed! Yay! Same-sex Las Vegas weddings are now a thing!

These days every wedding is a legal one for every couple with a license. (Wedding vow renewals don’t require one. You’re already legally hitched!) We’re thrilled to offer the widest range of wedding packages in Las Vegas. From traditional to Elvis weddings. Plus dozens of fun themed weddings. Or a combination of all three! Customizing your wedding to YOU is what we do best!

Elvis Camelot same sex Wedding Vegas
A still from our live streaming action—Elvis joins Merlin for a round of Viva Las Vegas!

For information on all the various kinds of weddings we feature, visit the drop down menus on our homepage at If you don’t see one that’s exactly right for you, we take requests! Call us to discuss at 702-384-0771

Elvis wedding with two brides at Via Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Remember we offer several different chapels, from garden settings to a 1950’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel. We do receptions, too. Intimate cake and champagne ones, to lavish affairs with dining and dancing. We rent costumes for your themed weddings, and tuxes for your traditional style ceremonies. What don’t we do? 🙂 The place for same-sex weddings in Las Vegas–or ANY wedding in Las Vegas–is right here with us!

Traditional brides recessional at a Viva Las Vegas wedding
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