Vegas Golden Knights Wedding
Sure, we can do a custom sports-themed wedding! Vegas Golden Knights wedding with Elvis featured here.

Sometimes couples who come to get married in Las Vegas are looking for a wedding ceremony that expresses a shared passion, or some common interest that brought them together. Usually there is something that turned the tide and led them down the road to matrimony. And whether that one thing is a favorite song, a sports team, or a love of horror movies, we’ve got the themed wedding package just for you. If we don’t, we’ll help you design a wedding that reflects you as a couple. For sports fans in Las Vegas, that can mean a Vegas Golden Knights Wedding, of course!

For a team-themed wedding, you don’t have to go all-out, either. You can do something as simple as just wearing team jerseys to your Elvis wedding. Or, you can customize and order up a referee-minister and cheerleaders. Your minister can be any of our iconic impersonators. (See them all at ) Add theatrical fog and lights, add themed music, and come in mascot costumes, if you like. (If you have guests, they can dress up, too!) We always do our best to accommodate your wishes AND your budget.

Elvis and hockey themed wedding vow renewal
This couple renewed their wedding vows after 25 years of wedded bliss, hockey style! And, with Elvis, no less!

Sports themed weddings like the Vegas Golden Knights Wedding are a custom order. We’ll put together a package with all the elements you’re looking for. Already married? This is the BEST way for couples who watch their team every week to renew their wedding vows in Vegas! 702-384-0771

Not a fan of Elvis? Unheard of…but…You CAN have a team mascot minister–a Viking, a referee, an umpire….You tell US!
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