Woodstock themed wedding in Las Vegas
Linda and Thomas with Janis, John, Reverend Rainbow…and Elvis!

Recently Linda and Thomas celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with…what else?…a Woodstock Wedding in Las Vegas! That’s TWO fiftieth anniversaries in one. Groovy, man! It was the perfect vow renewal ceremony for an incredibly special occasion.

Even better, Linda and Thomas upped the ante and included John Lennon, Janis Joplin AND Elvis impersonators. These icons (some from the summer of ’69) sang and danced amongst the joyful guests. Plus, everyone wore matching tie-dyed t-shirts.

'60s themed wedding in Las Vegas
Weddings don’t get much more colorful than this psychedelic blast from the ’60s past!

Of course, YOU TOO can have any of our themed weddings YOUR way. First of all, your ceremony always includes theatrical lights and fog, plus music befitting your chosen theme. Then, you get a character minister. But, you can always add more characters and impersonators. Add a reception! Add surprise music legends or rent costumes in our onsite costume shop.

But, if you want to see what else is already included in YOUR Woodstock Wedding in Vegas, go to:


Our best wishes go out to Thomas and Linda. We can’t remember when we’ve had more fun at our chapel. And we’ll always think of you two whenever we remember the Summer of Love. Viva Las Vegas!

A 50th anniversary Woodstock themed vow renewal in Las Vegas

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