Friday the 13th Wedding Las Vegas
Peter and Jennifer exchange vows with minister “Jason!”

Horror fans beware! Both September and December 2019 offer the chance for a Friday the 13th Wedding in Vegas! So, book YOUR Las Vegas horror themed wedding asap! For the chilling occasion, choose “Jason” or “Freddy Krueger” as minister. Or, instead, request your favorite horror movie character. Already married? Renew your vows. Celebrate an upcoming frightening anniversary!

Freddy Krueger wedding in Vegas

For starters, choose a Gothic, Graveyard or Freddy Krueger Themed Wedding ( ) Next, pick a Grim Reaper, Dracula or other horrific minister to preside. If you love the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, we have a musical option! See our similarly-themed package by clicking below. It includes a singing and Time Warping cast! Frank ‘N Furter will help tie the knot!

Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein monster get married in Las Vegas
Frankenstein monster and his bride in front of our chapel!

For your Friday the 13th wedding in Vegas, you’ll want costumes. (Regular bridal duds work for us, too!) Be advised, we DO rent costumes in our onsite costume shop. Or wear your own. Let your darkest imagination be your guide!

All these weddings include theatrical lights and fog. Plus a tombstone-clad cemetery setting. In addition, you’ll get eerie candlelight, flowers and photography. Even round-trip limo service! (Black roses? Black limo? We take requests!) For more info on a dark and sexy Friday the 13th Wedding in Vegas, call us at 702-384-0771.

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