Elvis wedding in Spanish....Elvis habla español in Vegas
Let us know if you’d like your Elvis wedding performed in Spanish. Elvis habla espanol!

Spanish-speaking Elvis wedding in Las Vegas? Si, Elvis habla espanol! We can do any of our wedding ceremonies in Spanish. Choose a boda con Elvis en Las Vegas. Or, have a traditional or themed wedding en espanol. For other languages, just ask us. In fact, we generally can provide a bilingual minister or an interpreter for you. And, almost all of our Elvis impersonators can marry you in Spanish. Viva Elvis!

Boda con Elvis en español en Las Vegas
Elvis will sing his songs in English, though! But, he does sing Viva Las Vegas, baby!

To plan your Viva Las Vegas wedding, communication in any language is really easy. Plus, you can use any plaform. For example, you can select and book your wedding with us online at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com without ever lifting a phone. But if you have other questions or special requests, call us at (702) 384-0771. We also offer Live Chat, if you’d like to discuss things with us online. Or, send us an email. Whatever suits your personal style. And, Spanish works for us!

Dancing with Elvis at your wedding in Spanish!
Bailamos con Elvis!

We know that Elvis is an international legend. So we do our best to manage any language barriers. Everyone deserves a comfortable and affordable Las Vegas wedding with Elvis. Ask us about your boda con Elvis en Vegas. Let us know how we can make your wedding perfect for you!