Vegas Ren Faire style wedding
Costumes make the wedding even more magical! Wear your own, or check out our costume rental shop!

The annual Sunset Park Age of Chivalry Festival is coming to Las Vegas in October! So, if you’re in town to get your medieval on, consider our Camelot Themed wedding! Already married? In that case, renew your vows with our Vegas Ren Faire weddings!

We’re not at the park, but our Camelot Themed wedding package includes limo transport to our chapel. That way, you can travel in style from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. See what else is included here:

Ren Faire Weddings with Merlin
Get wed with a wizard! Merlin marries YOU, or substitute King Arthur or Maid Marian to do your ceremony! We take requests on characters!

For any of our Vegas Ren Faire weddings in Camelot, you can choose Merlin as minister, King Arthur, or even Maid Marian. In other words, do it your way! Elvis has even made an appearance in our Camelot Themed wedding, as seen below!

Remember, October is the BEST weather month in Las Vegas. For that reason, you might even consider a custom outdoor wedding with Merlin. For example, you can set your Vegas Ren Faire wedding in our Gazebo or Garden chapel. That way, you won’t have sets, props and theatrical lighting and fog. But, you will have an even more affordable wedding in a gorgeous setting. See all of our chapels and options at

Vegas Ren Faire Weddings with Elvis
A still from our live streaming action—Elvis joins Merlin for a round of Viva Las Vegas. Consider this fun, anachronistic upgrade!

Call us with all your questions at 702-384-0771. We’ll create a medieval fantasy for your wedding day! For more information on the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival at Sunset Park, go to:

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