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Your choice of words can be even more important than the choice of your wedding setting! Here a couple exchanged vows in our Beautiful Red Rock Wedding package.

Most of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings include wedding vows repeated after the minister—or Elvis! However, some couples prefer to personalize the ceremony by exchanging vows of their own, apart from what the officiant says. So, what if you need inspiration for writing your own wedding vows? It can be simpler than you think! Plus, who wouldn’t want to bring tears to the eyes of their bride, groom, friends and family?

Country Wedding Vegas
Your vows can complement the particular wedding theme you’ve selected. Simple and sweet words are perfect for our Western Themed Wedding. Country style warmth and honesty!

To get you started, think in terms of a main theme for your loving words to your spouse-to-be. (Inspiration for writing your own wedding vows is just this simple!) For example, begin by making a rough draft that answers any of the questions below:

5 Questions to Inspire Personal Vows

  1. How has your life changed since the moment you met?
  2. What one thing told you that this is the person you were going to share your life with?
  3. What are your favorite traits about the person you are about to marry?
  4. How do you see your future playing out with your new bride or groom?
  5. What are a few favorite memories already made with your loved one?
Hawaiian Ukulele Wedding Vegas
Light-hearted vows are never our of place in any of our fun Elvis or wackier-themed weddings! You can even sing them!

Once you write your draft, do a little refining. First, add any new thoughts that come up. Second, edit your writing to just the most meaningful, impactful words. Don’t say the same thing over and over, or make your vows long and drawn out. Next, consider your wedding setting and/or theme. If you haven’t decided on the where and how, we’ve got suggestions! For couples with a Las Vegas destination wedding in mind, see all of our chapels and unique wedding packages for ideas at

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