Outdoor Gazebo chapel in Las Vegas
Spending a fortune on your wedding day is like the rose petals strewn along our Gazebo Chapel aisle–soon blowing in the wind, with only the memories remaining.

Statistics say the average couple spends over $20,000 on their wedding. Yikes! While getting married is a major life event, Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ staffers can share some fantastic and affordable options. So, here’s how to save thousands on your wedding:

Former brides often say that as precious as their wedding memories are—and believe us, some brides are so nervous that they remember their weddings mostly through the photos alone— the day flies by in a flash. In terms of value-for-experience, the only way to burn through a wedding budget faster is to set that stack of cash on fire!

No worries, though. Because Viva Las Vegas Weddings has an endless list of unique alternatives for a perfectly dreamy, yet affordable Las Vegas wedding day. Best of all, you won’t be compromising. Since our themed and traditional weddings provide a dizzying choice of elegant and picturesque settings, you have options galore! In fact, we even offer wedding receptions for you and your guests, from the intimate to the lavish. Or, tell US about the wedding you want us to create for YOU. After that, you’ll only have to decide how you’ll spend all the money you’ll be saving. (And, did we mention, our chapel is right on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip?)

Garden Chapel in Las Vegas
Outdoor Garden and Gazebo weddings are romantic and picturesque, with packages starting just over $300 and including flowers, photography and a wide range of extras!

More on how to save thousands on your wedding: No need to go the traditional route when getting married in Las Vegas. Quirky and fabulous Elvis Wedding Packages begin under $300. Plus, we offer dozens of amazing themed weddings. These spectacular productions include theatrical lights and fog, props and sets, themed music and minister, and even round-trip limo transportation! Packages start around $700. That price leaves you with well over $10,000 that you might have spent on a traditional wedding back home! Bring on the Vegas honeymoon trip! (And the downpayment on your newlywed home!)

Michael Jackson impersonator wedding
Unique Themed Weddings in our Main Chapel will only set you back a few hundred dollars and include limo transport, photos, flowers, and free wedding website. Online streaming of your ceremony available, too!

For information and pricing on our uniquely affordable Viva Las Vegas Weddings, visit us at http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Our warm and helpful Viva Las Vegas wedding coordinators will work their magic to make your wedding dreams come true. And we promise to come in with a figure that will accommodate the tightest wedding budget. Feel free to send us a comment. How much did you spend on YOUR wedding? And, would you do it differently next time? We’d love to hear from you.