Every Viva Las Vegas Weddings package includes flowers, from a simple rose presentation to a lavish bouquet

One of the best things about our all-inclusive Las Vegas weddings is that they are so easy! Once you choose your wedding package, all it takes is one call! Because all of our Elvis, Traditional and Themed weddings include everything you need. You may have guessed, the more expensive the package, the more wedding frills and perks!

But, even our most basic packages come with flowers, photography and a friendly wedding coordinator. Best of all, our staffers answer all your questions over the phone. From how to get a marriage license, to how to get to the chapel, they’re here to help. Call us anytime at 702-384-0771. Or chat with us online at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Gazebo Vegas Wedding
Our basic Outdoor Gazebo packages begin at just over $300

Brides and grooms will need to pay a separate minister’s fee of $60.00 unless it’s a wedding vow renewal. And, you may wish to tip for particularly good services or if your package includes transportation. It’s always nice to tip the driver. These are outside expenses, not considered part of your wedding package. Just so you know ahead of time!

You’ll also receive a free wedding website. Use it as a digital invite for friends and family. You can even upgrade your package to add live streaming of your wedding, right to your wedding page!

Yes, you can choose the color of your boutonniere and bouquet, and request any special touches, too.

When you visit our website, all of our all-inclusive Las Vegas weddings are listed under categories at the top. (Elvis, Themed, Traditional) The drop-down menu leads you to package descriptions that tell everything you can expect on the big day! And, we have upgrades, galore. Why? So you can customize every aspect of your wedding ceremony! Viva Las Vegas Weddings has the wedding package for you! If not, we’ll make you one!