You won’t find a Viking wedding on our website. But creating your dream wedding really isn’t a problem for us!

If you’re considering a unique themed wedding and are traveling to fabulous Las Vegas to get hitched, Viva Las Vegas Weddings is THE place for a customized, outrageously fun wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony! We have dozens to choose from! Check out the drop-down Themed Wedding Menu on our website at

There you’ll find everything from Gothic Weddings to Gangster Weddings to weddings presided over by superheroes and musical icons. But, if you have your own ideas, we’re open to those suggestions, too! Many couples make special requests for zany ministers or themes, and we do our very best to accommodate your wishes. We’ll come up with the music, costumes, theatrics and whatever else is really important to your big day!

NOT necessarily on our website, but done at least once at our chapel by special request, are ZZ Top Weddings, Addams Family weddings, Bonnie and Clyde Weddings, and more. We are still waiting for requests for retro-themed weddings, like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo officiating in our spiffy 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel.

You can request a special addition of a wedding character, like this mini Marilyn impersonator, featured at a Little Elvis wedding!

Sometimes couples want to combine more than one wedding theme. For example, we HAVE done Intergalactic Weddings with a starfleet minister AND Elvis singing–and we HAVE had a request for Klingon Elvis presiding. Plus, we do weddings and vow renewals with Zombie Elvis quite a lot in October in our famous Graveyard Weddings, which feature fog, tombstones, candlelight and the scary minister of your choice coming out of a coffin to perform the ceremony! (BTW, we do “Halloween” weddings year ’round!)

Klingon Elvis–we do that!

We’ve also had Liberace, a Marilyn impersonator PLUS the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, all in one unforgettable wedding extravaganza. Almost nothing surprises us—and we look forward to the two of you trying! Just give us a little time, say a couple of weeks’ notice, and we’ll do an incredible customized themed wedding package, just right for you!

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, you can even customize the flowers. Our onsite florist can deck out your bouquet in any way you can imagine, and you can make requests as far as your musical choices go, as well. Call us anytime at 702-384-0771 to start the planning process. If you’re a little shy about asking, you can also chat with us online until your ideas start to really take shape. We love working with couples to make the magic of a special request wedding happen. Viva Las Vegas!