Sometimes a wedding in traditional white is just not your thing. And that may be especially true for couples who come to Las Vegas to get married. Often it’s a second wedding, or an anniversary wedding vow renewal, where people just want to do their own thing. Or, it could be that the two of you just want something different. We’ve got that!

We have wedding couples and guests dressed in just about anything imaginable for costumed themed weddings. But sometimes what’s different is just the choice of color. Weddings in black tend to be the most popular choice for striking wedding photos, and especially the combo of black and red. (You prefer all black? Yes, we have black as an option for your wedding bouquet, too!)

Red and black weddings are both striking and sophisticated, making for stunning wedding photos! Book your wedding at night, and by candlelight to really do it up!

Our James Bond Themed Wedding is another popular choice for marrying in sexy black duds. 007 himself shows up to perform the ceremony in black tux, so you and your guests can follow suit. The wedding package includes Bond Girls, live singing, and even an incredible sports car entrance through the main doors of the chapel!

007 Wedding in Vegas
Our one-of-a-kind James Bond wedding looks fantastic in all-black evening clothes!

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, but in black, our 1950s-era Doo Wop Diner Chapel is decorated in vintage black and turquoise. Ask for Elvis in the black jumpsuit, and do your own ’50s black leather/Grease look to go with!

Elvis diner wedding in Vegas
Hanging with The King in the Doo Wop Diner–Dress in black leather, and bring the kids for a fun-and-casual wedding vow renewal in black!

These are just a few ideas to get you started fantasizing about your perfect wedding colors and style. Visit us at to see our unique themed and Elvis weddings. We also have several chapels to choose from for a lovely and romantic traditional ceremony…and, you can choose whatever color you like to get married in! (We even do custom bouquets in our onsite florist shop to match your color choices. Even black ones. 😉