The happy couple, 20 years ago today!

Today is Gwendelyn and Eric’s 20th anniversary! So later this afternoon they’re fulfilling their “someday” dream to renew their vows with Elvis in Las Vegas. The couple shared their story with us on their wedding website (a frill included with every wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings) and we wanted to share it with you!

The pair chose our ’50s Doo Wop Diner Chapel for their vow renewal, pictured below. It’s a fun and quirky setting for a little something different when tying the knot with The King of Rock ‘n Roll.

Our Doo Wop 1950s replica diner will be the setting for this fun and unforgettable vow renewal ceremony!

We’re looking forward to this special event, and we’re always curious to see if couples arrive in their ’50s duds…or? We’ve even had wedding guests attend dressed as characters from Grease or Happy Days! It’s a casual and cozy chapel where just about anything goes, and couples can opt to have live internet coverage of their ’50s Elvis rites!

And now, here’s Eric and Gwendelyn’s love story, as told by the bride:

How We Met

I went to Eric’s mom’s house to hang out with his sister. I knocked on the door and he opened the shade and looked at me. I asked him if his sister was there. He said no and slammed the shade down. I said to myself…What a jerk.

A couple of months went by before we ran into each other again. We started talking and hanging out. I was 15 and he was 17. On May 8, 1992 he asked me if I wanted to go out with him? We have been together ever since. No breakups and no fights….Just attached at the hip since 1992.

When their love was new…

The Proposal

Eric proposed to me on Christmas Eve 1994. He was sick with flu…(was it really the flu?) LOL I was 18 and he was 20. We were married 5 years later. We decided to plan our wedding day to be the same day we started dating, which was May 8th. We were married on May 8, 1999.

Why did we decide to get our vows renewed by Elvis?

I am a huge Elvis fan. (Especially the 1950’s Elvis…hunka hunka burning love)

We always joked over the past 20 plus years that we would renew our vows in Vegas on our 20th wedding anniversary. (Never really thinking we would actually do it) Now that our 20 years is here….We were like….Why not??? Let’s do it. So here we are after 27 loooooooong years together and soon to be married 20 years are going to do it Vegas style!!!

I can say with all of my heart that this has been a wonderful 27 years! ❤

Best wishes to Gwendelyn and Eric for a continued lifetime of happiness and love! You did it!