Jennifer and Joseph, with two American flight attendants, plus Dracula and Vampire Elvis

THIS doesn’t happen often, even at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, even at our one-of-a-kind Gothic Wedding ceremonies! Recently, Jennifer and Joseph of New Jersey tied the knot with Dracula AND Vampire Elvis in our dark and eerie Gothic Themed extravaganza. But even more fascinating to us was that they invited their American Airlines flight attendants along for “the ride.” That’s when you know you’ve REALLY hit it off with your airline staff—and they’ve gone the extra mile for you!

Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings

Count your blessings as you say your vows with Dracula and become forever one! (RIP Bill Sewers, aka “Drac”–you are missed in the Gothic mists…)

If our wickedly fun Gothic Wedding appeals to you (it’s not only popular for Halloween weddings, but year ’round!) you should know that the package includes flowers (black, of course), haunting music and fog in a tombstone-bedecked cemetery, photography and video, plus round-trip limousine transportation. Dracula, the Grim Reaper, Elvira or Zombie Elvis marry you in a chilling ceremony that’s to die for! Add Vampire Elvis, or any other character you wish–or dress the part yourselves! The sinister minister of your choice will step out of a coffin to perform your wedding ceremony by eerie candlelight. Add online streaming for those who can’t come to the graveyard in person…

Gothic Wedding Vegas
The Grim Reaper does the honors, if Dracula is “at rest.”

Gothic Weddings feature a Grim Reaper minister, but you can substitute Dracula, Zombie Elvis, Elvira, or…? to marry you in Goth style! We can even provide Addam’s Family characters, or any other favorite monster movie icon.

Don’t forget that costumes are practically de-rigueur for these dark-sided affairs…or at least consider a black bridal gown and veil. If you want to go full-on theatrical, fans of Rocky Horror might check out our “Rocky’s Horror” Themed Wedding, complete with live (mostly) musical production numbers. We’ll customize any of our packages to suit your particular tastes, too. To see all of our themed wedding packages, dark or otherwise, visit us at

Halloween is just six months away, and many folks who have a bit of the “Goth” in them plan a wedding for that night. Book early! It’s our busiest and darkest wedding night of the year! To view all of our Halloween Specials, visit: 
Be forewarned Goth grooms–grab your ghoul, and plan your dark and deeply meaningful wedding night…before it’s too late!

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