Whether you marry each other in a fabulous Egyptian Themed Wedding, or just choose a simple ceremony with a “pharaoh”minister, you’ll have this unique photo op after your wedding with us!

Although we do hundreds of Traditional and Elvis weddings every year at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we specialize in a wide and imaginative variety of Themed Weddings. These wedding extravaganzas all include theatrical lighting and fog, themed music, costumed characters and minister, flowers, photography, and round-trip limousine service from your Strip or Downtown Las Vegas hotel.

Belinda arrives at the altar carried on Cleopatra’s Throne to her awaiting groom, Greg.

If this sounds a bit too extravagant for you, or if you’re just renewing your vows for a special anniversary, you can opt for arranging a simpler, mini-themed ceremony by just adding a pharaoh minister, for example. We are happy to create your special wedding itinerary “a la carte” with just the elements you truly want. Once you’ve decided on your themed wedding, call us with any special requests to either upgrade or simplify the package. (Staffers happily tanding by at 702-384-0771.)

Our Egyptian Themed Wedding includes smoke, candle lighting, Egyptian hand maiden and manservants to carry the bride down the aisle on Cleopatra’s throne.

Here are all the details for the full-on Egyptain Themed Wedding Package. Perfect for a sultry summer night in Las Vegas! (Consider a stay at the Luxor, as long as you’re in the exotic wedding/honeymoon frame of mind!)

Details from our website:

If your love is as timeless as the Pyramids at Giza, you’ll want your bride to be transported down the Nile upon Cleopatra’s throne, held aloft by two buff Egyptian servants. For this one-of-a-kind Egyptian Wedding Package, our Viva chapel is adorned with Pharaohs’ treasures, hieroglyphic displays, and a golden sarcophagus. Theatrical lighting and fog help set the scene for your vows with King Tut. For exotic flair, an Egyptian dancing girl will perform for the guests and the groom before the ceremony begins. Make sure your Mummy approves!

All Theme Wedding Packages can be performed as renewal-of-vows ceremonies, with no license or minister’s fee required. What an amazing anniversary present!

Package Features Include:

  • King Tut as Minister
  • Egyptian Music and Decor
  • Theatrical Lighting and Fog
  • Unity Candle Lighting during Ceremony
  • 6 Rose Bouquet for the Bride
  • Matching Boutonniere for the Groom
  • 10 Candid Ceremony Prints
  • DVD
  • Names In Lights on The Marquee
  • Free Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
  • Courtesy round-trip Limousine Service from any hotel on The Strip or Downtown
  • Chapel Fee
  • Wedding Coordinator

Price $750.00

Whether it’s just the two of you, a handful of guests, or a cast of thousands, you can choose to have your Egyptian ceremony streamed live on the Internet like a Hollywood production!

For information on this or any of our themed wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas (we also do traditional weddings!), visit our website at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com, where you can chat live with one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff members. Join us for your wedding, with friends, family, and…be sure to bring your mummy-in-law-to-be!

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