Elvis and Priscilla Las Vegas weddings
Tie the knot in Las Vegas on Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding date!

Elvis and Priscilla were married in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967 at what used to be the Aladdin Hotel–now Planet Hollywood. This year, that memorable date falls on a Wednesday, so if you’re thinking of getting married in Las Vegas with Elvis, it’s the PERFECT day to share an anniversary with the King of Rock and Roll–AND take advantage of lower mid-week Las Vegas hotel rates! Whether it’s a first wedding or a wedding vow renewal, you’ll be in the best city in the world for a first or second honeymoon stay!

Elvis and Priscilla Wedding
Upgrade and add Priscilla for your May 1st wedding–here, an Elvis Blue Hawaii with Priscilla as matron of honor dancing the hula to the Hawaiian Wedding Song!

Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding took place at 9am, followed by a lavish breakfast buffet featuring a 6-tier wedding cake that cost $22,000 in today’s money– about the price of a nice car in those days. You can do the lavish buffet thing at any of the incredible mega-resorts in Las Vegas, and you can even book the 9am time slot here at the chapel, if you want to be exact. We can recommend some of the top-tier buffets in town, or we can create a breakfast buffet reception right here at Viva Las Vegas– if you want to host a group of guests! We’ve got you covered. (For info on our buffets and receptions, give us a call a 702-384-0771) If you’re eloping, just you two, you can include live streaming online coverage of your ceremony, putting your wedding announcement and your personal photos on your free Viva Las Vegas Wedding website!

Blue Hawaii weddings in Vegas
Elvis Blue Hawaii, with tropical ocean mist and Elvis serenading you makes the perfect wedding vow renewal!

Elvis sang “Love Me Tender” at the reception, and we’ve got you covered there, too, if you have any of our Elvis wedding packages. We can even provide a Priscilla impersonator for your matron of honor. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we can create the customized package that has all the frills and fun you’re after.

For more information on all our Elvis, themed and traditional wedding packages, indoors or outdoors (spring has arrived in Vegas!) go to: wwwvivalasvegasweddings.com