Blue Hawaii Wedding
Elvis Blue Hawaii weddings can be as elegant or casual as you like. You CAN go barefoot on our “beach!”

April 20th falls on a Saturday this year, and for those engaged couples who also celebrate 420 (Cannabis Day!) it’s the perfect date to tie the knot in casual style, shoes optional! We also have special savings for any wedding performed on that date. Visit this page for the scoop:

Lots of couples want to get married barefoot on the beach, or in a casual and very personal way. If that somehow isn’t in the cards for you, and if a Las Vegas wedding is what you’ve decided on because the planning is almost effortless–and the honeymoon destination is one and the same city—well! We have five suggestions for you! Have your truly unique and customized wedding barefoot, or the next best thing to the beach! Even better, we can live stream your wedding around the world, even if it’s just the two of you here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Five different weddings fit the bill, for saying “I Do” without shoes! (AT LEAST! We often do custom weddings, like Viking weddings, toga party weddings, and others where bare feet rule!) Here are a few great weddings for summer that work well with sandals or…?

1. Beach Party Themed Wedding

Get married by your choice of a hunky surfer dude or our wacked-out groove-a-delic Reverend Rainbow. You’ll have Beach Boys tunes in the background, ocean fog effects, props, surfer guys, and all the frills including flowers, photography and round-trip limo transportation. Hawaiian wear or your beach best is all that’s required…We even rent veils to bikini-clad brides!

Beach Boys Wedding
Rockin’ out to “Do You Wanna Dance” and the Beach Boys

The bride gets carried down the aisle by a couple of suntanned hunks in this one. Remember to tell any guests you have to pack light!

Beach Party Vegas Wedding
Be carried down the aisle on a surfboard by some chiseled beach dudes

2. Austin Powers/1960s Themed Wedding

If you’re a flower child at heart, get out your hippie duds and glide down the aisle in a cloud of smoke…of some kind…Your choice of stoned hippie or Austin Powers minister. And your choice of shoes–or no shoes! You’ll have all the same features as the Beach Party wedding–everything is included, plus you can upgrade to add extra characters, or live streaming internet coverage. You can even rent costumes from our onsite costume shop!

'60s wedding Vegas
Boogie down the aisle in your ’60s best for an Austin Powers, Stoned Hippie or Disco style ceremony–shoes optional

3. Elvis Blue Hawaii Themed Wedding

Elvis Vegas Vow Renewal
Barefoot on the Hawaiian beach…or in our Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding ceremony!

Our Main Chapel is already decked out in tropical palm trees. We’ll add beach fog, Elvis singing three songs, including the Hawaiian Wedding Song, and a dancing hula girl. Upgrade with our one-of-a-kind Elvis Pink Cadillac entrance down the aisle of the chapel. Elvis will drive you right in through the fog! Upgrade to live orchid leis flown in from the islands…Wear your Hawaiian shirts and sarongs…and…no shoes! All of our Themed Wedding extras are included here, too, even round-trip limo service from your Strip or Downtown hotel!

Elvis Vow Renewal Vegas
We’ve got palm trees, ocean fog, Elvis and a hula girl, but none of that “annoying” sand between your toes

4. Egyptian Themed Wedding

This exotic themed wedding can be done in Egyptian costume or in togas! Bring your own, or check with our wedding staffers to be sure we have Egyptian costumes in our costume shop that will fit you and your entourage. Perfect for those fancy Grecian sandals, or no sandals at all! It’s our most elaborate Themed Wedding package, and includes the bride carried down the aisle on Cleopatra’s throne! Some wedding parties make our Egyptian Wedding into a toga party…let your toes, and togas, hang out.

Egyptian themed wedding vegas
No footwear required for our Egyptian themed wedding! But if you’re shy, bring sandals!

5. The Traditional Wedding, sans shoes

It’s never wrong to be married in the full-on white dress and veil, and barefoot! Especially in summer. And especially if the groom is going more casual. Strapless or spaghetti strap gowns seem right for no shoes, and you can even request a custom bouquet of daisies or mixed flowers rather than formal roses. At Viva Las Vegas, we take requests. And shoes are always optional.

Traditional Vegas  Wedding
No one needs to know you’ve left the pumps back home!

Want more information on these and other weddings? Visit our website at or call us at 702-384-0771.