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And, yes, Elvis can marry you AT this iconic sign, once you have license in hand!

If you’re doing a legal wedding in Las Vegas, you’ll first need to briefly go up The Strip to downtown Las Vegas to visit the Marriage Bureau to get a license. There’s no waiting period, so if you plan ahead, you can even go the day of your actual ceremony. Couples who are renewing their vows don’t need a license at all, although the Marriage Bureau offers commemorative certificates for this, if you are so inclined. That’s optional, of course. Here’s everything you need to know to make it legal in one of our Traditional, Elvis or Themed Weddings at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

The Clark County Marriage Bureau is open from 8 A.M. until midnight every day including holidays. The Bureau is located at 201 Clark Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1603, less than a mile from the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. You’ll find it on the first floor of the Regional Justice Center, on the northwest corner of Third and Clark Street. Their phone number is 702-671-0600.

A marriage license in Las Vegas will cost you $77. You can pay with cash, credit card, cashier’s check, travelers check or money order. For your convenience, you may download the form ahead of time from the Clark County Marriage Bureau, complete the information and BRING IT IN PERSON (applications cannot be processed by mail or by Internet) to apply for your marriage license. BOTH THE BRIDE AND GROOM (or both members of the wedding couple) must be present to complete an application. For all legal marriages, the marriage license is required to be presented at the time of the wedding. Without the marriage license, the minister will not perform the ceremony. The couple will be asked to reschedule in the case of a forgotten license. (We can make do if you’ve forgotten your rings, however!) It’s best to have your license ready when the limousine driver picks you up, for those couples that have booked a wedding package that includes transportation. Our limo drivers are on a schedule and are unable to turn back to your hotel for anything you’ve forgotten.

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There is no waiting period and no blood test is required. You have up to a year to actually get married after obtaining your license, but most folks get hitched within a few days, of course! You must be at least 18 years of age unless you have written parental consent. (One parent must be present when you apply unless the consent is written and notarized.)

If you need a certified copy of the marriage license, you can follow the simple instructions printed on the back. You can either do this via mail or in person here in Las Vegas during normal business hours. The cost is $10.00, and you will need to present a copy of your marriage license. At off-peak times, the process of getting your marriage license in Las Vegas takes only 15-30 minutes. You may experience some delays on Saturdays and holidays. If you have any additional questions regarding obtaining your marriage license, you may call one of our friendly staffers at (800) 574-4450 or (702) 384-0771.

Required Indentification for your marriage license:

• Valid Driver’s License
• U.S. or foreign country issued I.D. card showing your photo and birth date
• Passport
• Military Identification
• Resident Alien Card

U. S. citizens will need to provide their social security number when making the application, but you won’t need the actual card.

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
The Marriage Bureau—no waiting period, no blood tests. And don’t forget to bring your license to the chapel so we can make it legal!

For express line service at the Marriage Bureau, click on the Marriage Pre-Application on their website above. You’ll need to complete this for both parties. Print and bring these forms with you when head to the Marriage Bureau for your license. You’ll also both need your ID’s, and you both need to be there in person. Check the Marriage Bureau’s website for details on any other requirements.

It’s a good idea to get your license a day ahead of time, or the “morning of” a wedding taking place in the evening or later day. You can even make a day of it, exploring all the fantastic attractions downtown Las Vegas has to offer.

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Even if you get married by Elvis, a licensed minister will be on hand to help your though the legal stuff at the time of your ceremony!

Your minister (even if you’re getting married by Elvis, a licensed minister will pronounce you as legally wedded for the purposes of the State of Nevada) will explain how to get copies of your marriage certificate. All of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings require a $60 cash only minister’s fee, to be paid at the time of your ceremony. The minister will take care of recording your marriage, as part of his or her services to you on your wedding day. Las Vegas wedding chapel minister services are not included in your Viva Las Vegas wedding package price.

If you’re not a U.S. resident, you can still get married in Las Vegas. Many countries will require a certified copy of the marriage certificate and as apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State. Your minister will help you with questions on how to do this. You might also get in touch with your country’s Consulate in the States to confirm what you’ll need.

For more marriage license information, call (702) 671-0600. Remember, Marriage License Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week, including holidays.