Bonnie and Clyde Wedding
Bonnie and Clyde preside over a custom themed wedding, entering the chapel in a hurry under a barrage of machine gun fire!

We had the MOST fun just after Thanksgiving at the Bonnie and Clyde Themed wedding of Aaron and his bride Janie, from Texas. They arrived dressed in period style with family and friends for a customized wedding–not on our website, but…We do our best to create a theme that’s perfectly tailored to each couple. The Bonnie and Clyde wedding is just a twist on our Gangster Themed Wedding, which IS on the dropdown menu of wedding themes on our website at We just switch out the minister and add a few music and vow changes.

Aaron and Janie kindly posted a review on Yelp! which we always appreciate immensely, especially when it’s a customized wedding.(Review below in italics.) We want to do Bonnie and Clyde again one day! The wedding was live streamed for those who couldn’t be in Las Vegas for the fun, and they have archived the ceremony on our website, which you can view for the next few weeks to see what a truly wild and zany time it was for all! See the link and a the still frame from the video, below:

Vegas Bonnie and Clyde Wedding
Janie and Aaron get hitched by Clyde in Vegas

5.0 star rating 11/24/2018
We did our Bonnie and Clyde theme wedding last night. It was nothing short of fantastic. From start to finish they made our wedding dream come true, I also did the 1st looks with hair and make up. OMG it was perfect.

Thank you, Janie and Aaron! Best wishes for happiness always, and we will never forget how much fun this was for us, too!

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