If you’ve gotten married at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, or had a lavish wedding reception at our Ron Decar’s Event Center right next door, chances are you may have been assisted by our charming, gorgeous and exceptionally friendly wedding staffer, Rachel! Today Rachel and hubby David are celebrating ten years of marriage, so naturally they decided to renew THEIR wedding vows right here at the chapel! It IS, after all, one of the best ways ever to commemorate a special wedding anniversary!

Rachel and David chose the casual and fun Beach Party Themed Wedding! Since Rachel is from the Islands, the couple decided to add their own Hawaiian touch to the vow renewal ceremony by including an authentic hula, danced by Rachel, accompanied by David singing and strumming the ukulele before the ceremony. In addition, they customized their renewal with a spectacular groom’s entrance–David being driven down the aisle in a bright yellow hot rod with a surfboard in tow! (You, too can upgrade with this option, just mention it when you call to book to learn about special pricing!)

Beach Party Surfer Wedding
Rachel is carried down the aisle by a couple of hunky surfer dudes!

Of course, you can’t have a proper Beach Party Themed Wedding without muscular, suntanned surfer boys as best men. Here, they escort the bride down the aisle on a surfboard, also dancing to Beach Boys tunes throughout the wedding!

Hawaiian Ukulele Wedding Vegas
David plays ukulele as his bride comes down the aisle.

Rachel and David’s Beach Party theme was enhanced by theatrical smoke (“beach fog”) and lighting effects, fresh orchid leis, palm trees, beach towels and toys and even a wading pool– all accompanied by favorite Beach Boys hits. Of course, YOU don’t have to dance the hula or sing, but at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, it’s always an option!

Hawaiian wedding dance
Rachel dances an authentic Hawaiian hula as David sings and plays ukulele….Don’t try this at home!

The perpetually colorful “Reverend Rainbow” performed the ceremony–think a female version of Tommy Chong, hippie holdout from the 1960s–but other couples have opted for a surfer dude “minister” to do the honors instead. Others even go for Elvis to conduct the ceremony, since he fits right into the beach party theme, which is fine by us, too. It’s Vegas, after all!

Rev. Rainbow Wedding Vegas
Reverend Rainbow administers wacky beach party style wedding vows.

This anniversary vow renewal ceremony concluded with guests dancing in the aisle with the couple to “Do You Wanna Dance?” by the Beach Boys. Believe us, the beach balls were flying across the chapel, too, as everyone partied on in the aisles, post-wedding!

Our best wishes for a wonderful, memorable anniversary to Rachel and David. We’ll ALL remember their special day for years to come!

For more information on your own anniversary vow renewal, visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com to see all the possibilities for a fun and unforgettable celebration of your wedding day!

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