Las Vegas Wedding Flowers

Getting married in Las Vegas makes EVERYTHING simple! At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can select your wedding package online, chat online with one of our planning representatives to hear about all your choices and details, and even arrange things with a single phone call. Most of our Viva Las Vegas wedding packages are all-inclusive, some coming with round-trip town car or limousine transportation from your hotel! All wedding packages include photography, your own personal wedding coordinator, and of course, flowers!

And at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, you can customize everything about your wedding, to make your ceremony personal to YOU. The easiest way, and the one that’s done most often, is customizing the bridal bouquet. You can go from the included bouquet, in the shade of roses of your choice, to a more exotic one, with particular flowers, a color palette to go with your bridesmaids’dresses, or even a themed bouquet to go with your themed wedding!

Since we have an onsite florist, you can select your flower and ribbon colors and upgrade to the most lavish bouquet imaginable, no matter how basic the wedding you choose. Add corsages, extra flowers for your attendants, matching boutonnieres for groomsmen. We can create whatever level of floral enhancements you have in mind for your Las Vegas Wedding. We’ll put you in touch with our florist, or you can have a look at our amazing floral selections at

:Las Vegas wedding bouquet

Vegas Wedding Bouquet

Not doing a traditional wedding? Whether it’s an Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding vow renewal (yes, we can arrange fresh orchid leis!) or a Gothic Wedding with vampire minister (black roses, right?), we can create flowers for your day that will awe your guests and make for incredible wedding photos, too! Viva Las Vegas Wedding Flowers!

Since Las Vegas’s stunning fall wedding weather is almost here, consider a wedding ceremony in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapel. Whether you choose a daytime ceremony in soft lighting filtered through greenery-covered trellises, or an evening ceremony with romantic, twinkling white lights, you’ll have breathtaking photos and an intimate outdoor ceremony. Customize these weddings with an upgrade to a flower-petal-strewn and candlelit pathway in the evening. Or, upgrade to add Elvis to your outdoor wedding! Remember, both of our outdoor venues have live streaming internet accessibility and enhanced sound, plus cool mists in summer and a touch of warmth for winter days and evenings. Call one of our staffers for ideas, suggestions, pricing, etc. for upgrades and unique options for a Garden/Gazebo Wedding. (702-384-0771)

Did you know that in any of our wedding packages, you can add a special song? Sung by Elvis, a classically-trained vocalist, or any of our music legend impersonators? Just let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Another way to add a personal touch to your Viva Las Vegas Wedding is to add a First Dance. For many couples who choose to skip a reception altogether, this is a romantic way to include this special tradition. (There is a slight charge for this upgrade, which extends the length of your wedding and gives guests a touching memory of the two of you dancing together.) If you like, you can choose to add a Father/Daughter Dance instead. Let us know what song you’d like ahead of time, and we’ll make the arrangements to include a sentimental dance in your wedding.

Some couples have surprised even US over the years, adding amazing features to their wedding day. These include a choreographed “flash mob” before the wedding begins, guests costumed to go with a theme, and even THEMES that are not on our website! (We love the challenge. Tell us the character you want for a minister, and share your ideas, and we’ll come up with something just for you!) More often, though, the custom wedding ideas are simple, but powerful. Just last week an entire wedding party came dressed in white, guests included, and the overall look was magnificent!

Indiana Jones wedding in Vegas
We can create your favorite movie themed wedding for you by request!

We don’t technically, for example, have a wedding package with an Indiana Jones-ish minister, but we can put a little something together for you. Prices and included features will be comparable to our OTHER themed weddings. If you are on a tighter budget, you can simply choose a basic traditional wedding package, and adding a character minister and appropriate movie-themed music as a slight upgrade. Some couples customize one of our Themed Weddings by adding extra characters from OTHER movies, or even Elvis. (Yes, we have done weddings that include both Darth Vader and Elvis!)

Harry Potter themed wedding Vegas
Merlin from our Camelot themed wedding can also go full Hogwild!

Sometimes all we have to do is adjust one of our existing themed weddings with all the right touches. In the above photo, we substituted a familiar Wizard for Merlin in our Camelot Themed Wedding and added another well-known character. And, don’t forget, YOU can come dressed to suit a movie role. Recently we did a Grease (the musical) themed wedding in our 50s Doo Wop Diner. The couple came dressed and Danny and Sandy, and bridesmaids were all Pink Ladies. It was SO nifty!

Adam's Family wedding in vegas
Halloween-time weddings bring out the scary movie ministers!

At Halloween–or, year ’round really–we do Gothic Themed Weddings with any number of creepy “ministers.” Once we came up with the entire Addam’s Family! But we’ve also got Dracula, Elvira, the Grim Reaper, Edward, and even Zombie Elvis to do the honors in a foggy graveyard setting.

Call us with your thoughts, and we’ll come up with a package price just for you, with all the options that make your custom wedding or wedding vow renewal uniquely unforgettable! Viva Las Vegas! 702-384-0771