Wedding Chapel marquee and lights
Anniversaries make the best excuses for a renewal of vows ceremony, with Elvis–or with a “regular” officiant!

Did you know that we do nearly as many wedding vow renewal ceremonies at Viva Las Vegas Weddings as we do actual WEDDINGS? And there are lots of good reasons for that! On your second honeymoon, or on your next family vacation, why not re-create your wedding to add to your fantastic memories of Vegas? Or simply just to have the wild and crazy wedding you would have liked to have, but opted for the big church wedding instead? Here are some of the wonderful ways and heartfelt reasons why couples choose to remarry their spouse in Las Vegas:

One of the most popular reasons for tying the knot again is so that your kids–who weren’t around for your FIRST wedding–can see you get married for a second time, just for them! It’s also a great time to have a fun, fantasy-themed wedding, with costumes, music and theatrical lights and fog. You can choose from options like a space theme or even a comic book hero theme, and everyone can costume-up to play along! And, if you order a full-on themed wedding package, it may be the kids’ first ride in a limo from your Strip or Downtown hotel, included in the package. They will never, ever forget your second wedding in Vegas!

Darth Vader minister wedding
Themed weddings and Elvis weddings are fun for all ages! Let your kids join in your renewal ceremony!

Musical themed weddings are all the rage for vow renewals. Singing, dancing–have it YOUR way the second time around. We can do a Grease themed wedding in our Doo Wop Diner, Phantom of the Opera wedding for romantics, or our ever-popular Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding with Frank ‘n Furter as “minister”– from the planet Transylvania, of course.

Rocky HOrror Wedding Vegas
Another day, another Time Warp at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Many couples choose a simple, traditional vow renewal, either in our Main Chapel, or a moonlight wedding under the stars in our Gazebo or Garden Chapels. Nothing could be more romantic. Plus, every wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is topped off with a photo under our marquee, right on the Las Vegas Strip. We’ll light up your names, and the number of years you’ve been wed!

Vegas Wedding Chapel marquee
A sweet reminder of why you married each other in the first place!

We sometimes have multiple-couple wedding vow renewals…Although you and your best friends likely don’t share an anniversary, Elvis is a VERY popular wedding vow renewal officiant when you want to share the experience with another couple, or two, or three…Check out our new Little Elvis wedding, with prices starting at $295. Additional charges may apply for extra flowers, etc., when more than one couple participates.

Elvis Diner Wedding in Vegas
Casual Las Vegas Elvis Weddings in our 50s diner wedding chapel

By far the most common reason for couples renewing their vows with us is to celebrate a big anniversary…or even a small one. We have some couples come back every five years and have a different wedding renewal package every time! And, don’t forget, we can help you plan a wedding vow renewal as a SURPRISE to your spouse, or to your family, or to your parents. Be sure to let us know…we are experts at keeping a secret!

For more questions about all of our weddings, which can ALL be done as wedding vow renewal ceremonies, call us at 702-384-0771, or visit to look up our weddings or live chat with one of our bright and friendly staffers! See you for your NEXT wedding in Vegas!

WEdding vow renewal with Elvis
The more the merrier when it comes to renewing your vows with Elvis in Las Vegas!
    1. No, we do not do drive-thru weddings at our chapel. There are a few chapels in Las Vegas that provide that service. We DO, however, have weddings where you enter the chapel with Elvis INSIDE a pink Cadillac convertible, on a Harley Davidson, in Cinderella’s coach, etc. Call us for details on a customized wedding! 702-384-0771 or live chat with us on our website at Thank you!