Elvis Vow Renewal
Jeannie just before exchanging vows with Bill on their 47th anniversary!

Earlier this week we shared the love story of Bill and Jeannie, a couple from Wyoming who recently renewed their wedding vows with Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. It was their 47th anniversary, and they came with their grown son and daughter to re-exchange their vows. The first wedding for them was quite traditional, but this time Bill and Jeannie opted for The King, Vegas, and some tender-loving singing and dancing!

Bill and Jeannie’s ceremony was beautifully touching as well. Both Jeannie and Bill brought personal vows they had written in advance to read at the ceremony. Not everyone who gets married or renews their vows with us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel chooses to include their own vows. Most folks are happy just to repeat after Elvis or their minister–less pressure, and all the pizazz and rich meaning. But when brides and grooms add a few words of their own making, it nearly always has everyone sobbing. This time, there wasn’t a dry eye, even among our staff members who were present.

If you missed seeing the video of the wedding vow renewal in our last post, we’ll include the link, which will expire in a couple of weeks.

Video of Elvis vow renewal
Click on the archived video of the touching wedding vow renewal of Bill and Jeannie, below:
View Bill and Jeannie’s romantic wedding, archived here for just a few weeks: http://websites.vivalasvegasweddings.com/index.php/find-a-wedding/14627?view=website

And for everyone else looking to get ideas for writing their own vows, we’ll share Bill and Jeannie’s here, for inspiration. You’ll want to make your own as personal as you can, but these two show just what’s possible when you speak from the heart:

Wedding anniversary renewal
Bill and Jeannie, nearly 50 years ago!

Bill’s vows to Jeannie (excerpts):

“How does one sum up 47 years? I’m not sure you can. Over the years through life’s joys, challenges, sadness, and delights, I remain totally and lovingly committed to you, Jeannie, as my wife. I think that I knew we would be lifelong mates from that very first moment when you entered the lobby of White Hall on our first (blind) date.

On our wedding day 47 years ago, I made a choice. It was the most important and significant choice of my life. Jeannie, on that day I chose you to be my wife. It is a decision that has never been regretted for a single moment. As we have along through our lives together,there have been the good times, the bad times, the joyous and sad times. I have always loved you can can’t imagine being with anyone else.

Over the years I have come to realize that when you select a life partner, it is not just one decision. It is something you decide each day…No other person has ever aroused in me the feelings of tenderness, joy, and caring which you elicit. I elect to stay with you not because I feel obligated to meet your needs but because you continue to meet mine…in my heart of hearts, I still want to be by your side more than I want to be anywhere else.”

Elvis vow renewal Vegas
Forty-seven years ago…

Jeannie’s vows were a bit more on the poetic side. Here are some of her words for Bill:

“Today on our anniversary, you’ve made me feel like Cinderella for a day. You’ve brought me to Vegas to get married again and play.

Forty-nine years, ago God brought me the biggest miracle in my life. He brought me a prince, who made me his wife.

Together we’ve had a family–a girl and then a boy. Who could have imagined they would both bring us such joy!

You’ve always lifted me up when I was down. Patched up my “owies” when they caused me to frown.

You’ve spoiled me with roses for no reason at all, and always held my hand just in case I might fall.

Billy my love, you’ve fulfilled the vows we made so long ago. You’ve made all my dreams come true, and I love you so!”

Bill and Jeannie, our sincerest thanks for your gracious offer to let us share your vows and details of your special day. Our best wishes to you both for a lifetime of continued happiness!