Vegas Wedding Limo
How to recognize your “ride” when it pulls up to your Las Vegas hotel to take you to the chapel!

Did you know that many of our Elvis, Traditional and Themed Wedding packages include transportation? Depending on the particular package your choose, your wedding can include transportation by towncar or stretch limousine service to and from your Strip or Downtown hotel. While the packages that include “wheels” may cost just a bit more, they also include other frills and extras that make it very worthwhile, too! And you can’t beat the pampering factor, or being chauffeured past the lights of Las Vegas going to and from your ceremony!

Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding
Book our Elvis Pink Caddy wedding to roll into the chapel with Elvis at the wheel!

Any of our wedding packages can be upgraded to include the fabulous and one-of-a-kind entrance into the chapel in a vintage pink Cadillac driven by Elvis himself! Want to enter the chapel in a Cinderella-style coach instead? Choose our Fairy Tale Wedding package with Merlin or King Arthur as minister. And for bikers, there’s the unique Harley Themed Wedding, that includes an incredible “bike” for you to blow into the chapel with your bride in tow!

Check out all of our Themed Wedding packages to view all the amazing ways you can be transported into our chapel…on Cleopatra’s Throne, on a surfboard, in a Citroen driven by Inspector Clue-so. (See them all on our drop down menu on our homepage at And, if you have your own ideas for personalized wedding transportation–either to our chapel or down the aisle– give us a call at 702-384-0771 and we’ll work something out! Viva Las Vegas!

Pink Caddy weddings

Casual wedding in our 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel? Sneak a pic afterwards right outside, where our pink Cadillac fleet may be parked!

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    We are coming over to get married from the uk this year. June 6 th. I believe I need to fill out a form. Can you help me please ?

    1. Hi Jennifer, are you looking to book or schedule your wedding with us? Or have you done so already? If you need assistance with anything, please go to our website at, where you can live chat with a friendly wedding planner. Or you can call us directly after 9am Pacific Daylight Time—but online chat may be easier for you in the UK. (Our international number is on our website, too.) All of our weddinginformation is on our website, including marriage license information. If you prefer, contact by email for assistance with any of your questions. Thank you for thinking of us! Best wishes!