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Most couples having a Traditional, Themed or Elvis Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel choose just to repeat their vows after the presiding minister–“regular” or Elvis, and of course we also offer Tom Jones, Liberace, Marilyn, Darth Vader, Dracula, King Tut and seemingly endless other ministerial choices! But sometimes couples who are marrying for the first time or renewing their vows will pull out a piece of paper to read vows they’ve written especially for the day. (Our wedding coordinators will ask you during your mini-rehearsal if you have your own vows to add during the ceremony.) It’s a lovely, romantic and sentimental touch, and one that always seems to bring tears to everyone’s eyes.

Want to write your own vows, but just not sure how to start? Here are a few suggestions to get you started, based on the personal vows we hear most often.

50s diner wedding vegas
Sweet and casual vows in our retro ’50s Doo Wop Diner

Begin your vows with, “The first time I knew I wanted to marry you was when….” Or, “I first fell in love with you when….” The more detail you can add about that exact moment in time, the better.

You might continue by describing all the ways you knew the person you are marrying was the right one for you. Be as specific as possible. Don’t be afraid to talk about “the time you made a candlelight dinner for me when I had to work late one night.” That sort of thing. If it’s something you never told your loved one, that’s even better!

Garden Chapel Vegas
Exchanging romantic vows by night in our Outdoor Garden Chapel

Alternatively, begin with your memories of some hard times you have conquered together, and the qualities of your spouse-to-be that make him or her unique in all the world. Focus on their personal strengths, and mention a sentimental memory or two where those qualities really shone.

Remember that your vows can just be a few sentences long, and the more from the heart, the better. Most people don’t memorize these vows, but read them. If the vows are short, though, knowing them by heart can be a big plus!

When you call to book your wedding, feel free to ask our helpful staff for pointers and advice about any aspect of your wedding. It’s what we do! 702-384-0771

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