Las Vegas Wedding Dates
Pick the most memorable day of the year for your 2016 Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings will soon be celebrating the last weddings of 2015, with an eye to a bright New Year of fantastic weddings ahead! If you’re planning to elope to Vegas, renew your vows in a unique way, or even to have an exquisitely simple traditional wedding ceremony, now’s the time to choose the most memorable wedding date for you.

A New Year’s Eve wedding is a wonderful way to start 2016, of course, and this holiday is hands-down the most romantic evening for weddings EVER. Who gets to view fireworks high above The Strip after their wedding vows are exchanged? But then, here are some other great suggestions to consider, if you need a little more time to plan ahead:

1. How about 1/6/16? Gotta love those repeating digits! It falls midweek, but that’s when you can take great advantage of fewer crowds and great deals on luxury rooms in Las Vegas’s swankiest hotels.

2. Then there’s 1/16/16, a Saturday! Book early, this day will go quickly on our Viva Las Vegas Wedding schedule because it falls on a weekend.

3. 6/16/16 makes a wonderful date for June brides! Or 6/1/16 is a cleverly bookend-ish June wedding day for your traditional or Elvis wedding. Either way you go.

4. Valentine’s Day, our most popular day for Las Vegas weddings, falls on a Sunday. But we’re sure the Saturday before will be very busy, too, with incredible Vegas honeymoon plans in the works for the day of love to follow!

5. Okay, if you want to celebrate fewer anniversaries, you COULD go for Leap Day, February 29th… But to put a positive spin on it, that’s a truly UNIQUE wedding day, falling on a Monday. (Some couples prefer the weekday weddings. Sometimes they prefer the idea of guests watching the live streaming feed of the ceremony from all over the country, rather than in person.) Die-hard friends and family will show up in Las Vegas any day of the week!

Vegas Elvis wedding
Check with friends and family! to see who can make your wedding date in Vegas.

Best wishes to all of our happy couples wed here in 2015! We are looking forward to more fun, joyful tears, and glorious Viva Las Vegas weddings in 2016! To book yours, visit us at: