Uma Thurman dancing at vegas wedding
Tami and Chuck strut their stuff to “Viva Las Vegas.”

Sometimes couples getting married in Las Vegas like the ease and convenience of choosing from an array of Traditional, Themed or Elvis wedding packages. Each package includes specifically-listed bells and whistles, so you know exactly what you’re getting on your special day. (See all of them at other brides and grooms, like Tami and Chuck of San Luis Obispo, prefer to substitute and add different elements to make their wedding just right for them. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can have it either way. Or both ways. We are happy to customize!

Tami and Chuck married at the chapel this week, bringing their own photographers, choreographing their own post-wedding dance, and delighting the whole staff with their amazingly adorable ring bearer who carried a miniature pink Cadillac on the nuptial pillow. Tami held the most exquisite, exotic flowers, rather than a more traditional bouquet. The the pair also chose to walk down the aisle one after the other, Tami on Elvis’s arm, Chuck sandwiched between two feathered Las Vegas showgirls.

If these little changes give you ideas, here’s what you do: When you call to book your wedding, let us know what you’re thinking, and what your preferences are. We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your requests. (Some additions may involve uncharges, which we’ll tell you about at that time.) Call us at 702-384-0771 with all your questions.

Custom Elvis wedding in Vegas
Chuck and Tami tied the knot with Elvis in a ceremony they customized themselves!

Tami and Chuck opted for our Las Vegas Themed Wedding package, which includes Elvis singing three songs, theatrical lights and smoke, photography and video, fun and games, and even round-trip limousine transportation from any Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. The package also includes one genuine Las Vegas showgirl, but you can, as Tami and Chuck did, add another. Or…Marilyn, or even Priscilla! It’s up to you! Tami and Chuck wow-ed us with their beautifully rehearsed dance once they’d sealed their vows with a kiss.

We always like to ask how couples decided on a Las Vegas wedding. According to Chuck and Tami on their Viva Las Vegas Wedding Website, “Tami’s over-zealousness to micro-plan the perfect little (wedding elsewhere)” caused Chuck to keep suggesting, “…or we could go to Vegas?” In the end, Tami apparently called his bluff. She posted on their wedding webpage, “Now we are hitting the road to have Elvis hitch us! How traditional is that?!”

Las vEgas themed wedding
The set for the Las Vegas Themed wedding, which includes Elvis, games of chance and feathered arm candy!