Thriller Wedding Vegas
Our Thriller wedding package— it’s all about “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

Getting married in Las Vegas by a Michael Jackson impersonator is not only as cool as getting married by Elvis, but our Thriller wedding package may have song lyrics that endorse marrying the person that rings your (wedding) bells! (Kind of.) According to Psychology Today, when you are looking for the perfect partner for you, most people have a mental list of either ideal qualities or a list of deal-breakers, or both. But, the experts say, one thing matters more than any of that.

The way the person makes you feel.

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It could be that instincts are often our most reliable senses when it comes to matrimony. A gut feeling that lets you know the other person is “the one.” Many people say they “just knew” when they’d met the right person because of some undefinable quality, which might be a feeling of being safe, adored or appreciated. It’s different for everyone.

We’re wondering how our happily married Viva Las Vegas couples felt when they knew they’d met the right person. Comments, anyone? We’re curious! Did you feel right at home from the beginning, or was there some spark of recognition or maybe a little deja vu? How did you know they were for you?


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BTW, if you’re coming to Las Vegas for your Thriller wedding, may we suggest ONE, Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson tribute show at Mandalay Bay? It’s the perfect honeymoon night production after your Thriller Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!