viva las vegas chapel
We’re bracing for the upcoming onslaught of our fabulous 12-13-14 weddings—all 120 of them!
First, the avalanche of Viva Las Vegas weddings on 10-10-10 opened the floodgates of marital pandemonium (the fun kind!) here at our chapel. That was followed by 11-11-11 and then 12-12-12. (We were still recovering from 11-11-11!) On those dates, we did weddings from dawn until midnight to handle the demand. Every one of our six chapels was running full throttle. We even brought in former staff members to handle the overflow– some even flew in from other parts of the country to help keep the non-stop weddings running smoothly. These “special” dates on the calender are busier for us than a typical Valentine’s Day and Halloween combined. What’s more, this year’s memorable date, 12-13-14, falls on a Saturday– the busiest day of ANY week for Las Vegas Weddings. But this will be no ordinary Saturday.

This year will be the last of those very memorable dates, though, for a long, long time. So….somehow….we have booked 120 (yes, you read that right!) weddings on 12-13-14. Are we crazy? A little bit.

Our fingers will be crossed, though. Everyone’s duties will be precisely choreographed and the caffeine will be flowing. In the past, by some miracle, these crazy-busy wedding dates have run like clockwork. We all worked together like a well-oiled machine. And we really hope that happens again! Still, we always look forward to challenges. We also look forward to working with old friends again, even if it’s just for a day. The level of excitement runs high, and it’s the adrenalin that will keep us going. But, we have to admit, we’re a little scared, just like most brides and grooms on their wedding day. But…it will be fun and completely unforgettable!

Elvis costume rental
We hope we’ll have enough Elvis costumes in our costume shop to go around!

After this one day, there won’t be any more of these unique repeating or consecutively-digited dates for awhile. But, sorry, we’re totally booked that day, as you may have gathered. You might try 1-5-15, though, for a fairly easy anniversary to remember…

If you want to see us in action on 12-13-14, log on to and clock on Elvis Wedding Chapel. We’ll be starting just after dawn. Best wishes to us and all those happy couples who will take part in a day for the Viva Las Vegas history books!