Las Vegas ZZ Top Wedding
It’s gonna be hard to “top: the ZZ Top wedding!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re ALWAYS being asked about the craziest Vegas wedding we’ve ever seen. Where do we begin? There have been SO many!

Usually the couples doing the asking are having a fairly “normal” traditional or Elvis wedding at the time. The really “crazy” folks generally don’t seem all that phased by their wacky ceremony/minister/guests. An over-the-top costumed wedding fits right in with their spectacularly fun-loving lives.

Unique Vegas weddings that have made a huge impact are the ones that go heavy on the costumes. We loved the ZZ Top wedding, seen above, custom-ordered for a “Billy Gibbons”-style minister, with a procession of ZZ Tops going down the aisle before the bride.

Then there was the Viking wedding. Helmets and horns everywhere. (Big fans of the Capital One Venture card?) While we DO rent costumes, if you’ve got A LOT of wedding guests dressing up, you’re on your own. Good luck checking bags! 🙂

Of course, since we do a lot of Elvis weddings here, we’ve often seen a whole chapel filled with Elvi. THAT makes for some AMAZING wedding pics!

Zombie Elvis wedding
Getting married by Zombie Elvis is definitely NOT a drag…

We should mention the Intergalactic Wedding conducted by Darth Vader, with dozens of guests all dressed as their favorite sci-fi characters. Here at Viva Las Vegas, every day is Halloween! In fact, we’re doing Zombie Elvis weddings year ’round. There’s nothing quite like a parade of zombie bridesmaids going down the aisle…

Feel free to borrow from the craziest wedding ideas ever, or just surprise us. A call to one of our creative wedding planners is all you need to come up with a wild and crazy wedding package that’s just right for you! Viva Las Vegas Weddings, 1-702-384-0771 Or check out our more “sedate” Elvis, themed and traditional wedding packages at