Job interview? Audition? Sometimes your stylish tatts might need to go undercover!
Photo courtesy of Louise Ungerman Photography

While your tiny butterfly or dolphin may make a fashion statement–after all, it’s an expression of your unique style–there may be occasions when you’d like to—just temporarily—hide your tattoo. Your Vegas wedding might be a the one and only time that your body art goes undercover. When it comes to getting married in Las Vegas, anything goes. But choices are important on your wedding day.

Brides are generally proud of their beautiful body art, but some prefer to conceal tattoos for the ceremony, so the designs don’t distract from the effect of formal gowns. Other brides will proudly rock an Elvis (or other) tattoo, even while wearing their full-on wedding finery. We think either choice is absolutely right, since your Las Vegas wedding is YOURS alone, and all about your preferences. But if you want the option, there’s a great way to discreetly cover your tattoo whenever you want to.

Recently we stumbled across a great tattoo concealing product that’s just right for brides. Judith August Cosmetics specializes in concealers, and you can order their phenomenal “Killer Cover” online. It offers absolutely opaque coverage (see video evidence below) for tattoos. Amazing stuff! JA Cosmetics has products for camouflaging just about any skin imperfection, from dark under eye circles to rosacea. Even if you’re not covering tattoos, your face can look flawless in your wedding photos. Judith August’s line of concealers even includes a cream to perfect your legs, “Invisible Stockings.” Just the thing for gorgeous gams in a shorter length wedding dress.

See the full line at We’ll see you on your wedding day, with or without your body art, at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

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