Las Vegas Valentines Weddings
Happy Valentine’s Day Weddings to all our 2/14/14 couples!

It’s that time of year once again when we’re expecting a deluge of love at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. From dawn until midnight on St. Valentine’s Day, we’ll be (we hope!) running all our chapels like a well-oiled machine. Elvi will be running rampant, and seas of beautiful couples in white, red, and pink will be slipping in and out of limos and town cars, stepping lightly through their paces with one of our many personal wedding coordinators. It’s our most challenging day of the year, and our goal is for every wedding to be as seamlessly-run as possible. Heck, we will likely even be working around news crews a bit. It’s a top story on the local and national news every year.

With sunny weather and nearly 80-degree temperatures expected, it will be a gorgeous day, particularly for those getting hitched in our outdoor Garden and Gazebo Chapels.

How many weddings can we get done on February 14th you ask? With all of our chapels running full kilt for extended hours, we may close in on 80 or more weddings on the day! If all goes perfectly, couples won’t feel any more hurried, though, since the time allotted on this very busy day is the same as for a quiet day. But there will surely be an extra air of excitement and joy that’s palpable.

Generally speaking, couples tend to go in for the more traditional weddings on Valentine’s Day at our chapels. But there are a few exceptions, being Viva Las Vegas and all.

Here, for example, is the kind of wedding we are NOT expecting to see this holiday. We loved the pink dress. And the costumes! There’s rarely been much of a wackier cast of characters than a giant carrot and banana as wedding party. Whatever your plans for your Valentine’s Day wedding in Vegas, we can’t wait to make it all legal for you—-vegetables, fruits… whatever!


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