New Year's Wedding in Las Vegas
The last night of the year can be the most exciting time to marry or propose.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we always look forward to our exciting New Year’s Eve wedding ceremonies. The Strip is closed down just after dark, so the entire boulevard can fill up with revelers awaiting the spectacular midnight fireworks show. This plays havoc with our limo service, so couples marrying in the evening have to make it to our chapel on their own. It’s well worth it, though. Nothing beats the excitement of a wedding on the last night of the year, and it’s an incredible way to begin a new year as man and wife!

New Year’s Eve is also a thrilling time to stage a marriage proposal. However, things can get a little out of control if the unsuspecting bride has already been into the bubbly before her man gets down on his knee at midnight. Check out one example, below. The happy lady ends up doing a happy dance on the couch. Don’t expect her to contain her feelings once she’s had a few pre-midnight toasts!

Wishing everyone love and much happiness in the year ahead… And don’t pop too many corks before popping the question, guys. 🙂

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