How to create the face in your wedding album Image courtesy of marin at
How to create the face in your wedding album
Image courtesy of marin at
Most brides hope to be absolutely breathtaking on the big day, from the dress to the hair. But fashion experts agree, the most important bridal “must” is perfect makeup. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are happy to refer you to the top makeup experts in Las Vegas. See our First Look packages at

Still, some brides just feel more comfortable doing their own face. So, we’d like to pass on a little advice. What you see in the mirror can sometimes look very different in photographs. Here are ten pointers to help you make sure you get the gorgeous, flawless look you’re going for, live and in pictures. After all, your wedding photos are images you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

1. Blend like crazy. If you use your everyday makeup, you’ll want to use more than usual, since it will be somewhat washed out by the flash. Make sure it is flawlessly blended, though. Apply a matte powder to make sure the flash doesn’t make your face look shiny.
2. For daytime weddings, you can use less makeup, but go just a bit more dramatic for the eyes. Again, blend shadows with a soft brush until there are no lines of demarcation.
3. Use plenty of concealer under eyes and on blemishes.
4. Do a trial run a few days ahead of time, and take pictures with flash. You’ll then have time to adjust your shades and learn from any mistakes.
5. Avoid mineral makeups. Most will reflect light and make a bride look like a ghost.
6. Use waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and foundation if you are prone to tears or if it will be a long wedding/reception.
7. Keep lips touched up and never dry. If you use lip liner, make sure it matches your lipcolor and blend well. Mattes and glossy lip colors look good in photos.
8. Don’t use glitter. It makes you look like you have white freckles in photos.
9. Apply foundation to your neck and d├ęcolletage to make sure your face matches your body.
10. Do not go to a tanning booth or have a spray tan right before your wedding. If you come out streaky or orange, no amount of PhotoShopping can fix your skin tone.

For more advice on do-it-yourself bridal makeup, here’s one of our favorite instructional videos. We look forward to seeing you in all your glory for your upcoming Viva Las Vegas wedding day!

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